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2007 IT resource guide for physicians
Our first annual IT resource guide: Names, numbers and addresses for the top suppliers of clinical systems, business solutions, consulting, and more.  VIEW THE ONLINE RESOURCE GUIDE

Patients help themselves
The doctor-patient team has a new quarterback thanks to web-based portals for personal medical data. Healthcare providers across Canada are in the early stages of providing patients with online access to their records, increasing their ability to manage their own care. For several years, American technology and healthcare providers have offered web portals where members of the public can access and even store their own health information.  READ MORE

Editor's note: A slogan on a T-shirt makes the editor realize how disappointing the future has become.
News: Savvy scanning strategy boosts EMR success for a large new clinic in West Vancouver: Oh no! Half of all current EMRs fail, but new study identifies some of the keys to successful implemenatations; Canada needs to do better, according to a report by the Commonwealth Fund.
Smaller and sleeker Treo smartphone from Palm; Epson’s scanner is network ready; Brother introduces 7-in-1 multifunction device.
Chatroom: Transitioning from a paper practice to an EMR.




Patients help themselves

Health portals and storage services are allowing patients to access and update their medical histories and test results.

Saul Chernos

The doctor-patient team has a new quarterback thanks to web-based portals for personal medical data. Healthcare providers across Canada are in the early stages of providing patients with online access to their records, increasing their ability to manage their own care. For several years, American technology and healthcare providers have offered web portals where members of the public can access and even store their own health information. Systems vary, but patients can request appointments and prescription refills, share personal and family health details with physicians, and view lab results, regardless of where they happen to be, so long as they have access to the internet.

Now, these portals are making their way to Canada. In Toronto, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre’s MyChart typifies what’s becoming available. Developed in-house and launched as a pilot last January, MyChart offers what essentially amounts to a patient’s entire medical profile, coupled with limited self-service.

From the comfort of home, office or anywhere else, some Sunnybrook patients can go online to access hospital facilities. MyChart not only schedules appointments and prescription refills but tracks these over time. Users can view interpreted results of lab and other diagnostic tests, and enter personal and family health details in a diary section. Care providers who are affiliated with Sunnybrook can obtain data relevant to their roles. And, with a patient’s authorization, healthcare providers outside Sunnybrook have limited access to data. MyChart even facilitates e-mail communication between care providers and patients.

“Our goal is to maximize the reach of our clinical services,” explains Sunnybrook chief information officer Sam Marafioti. “This takes us from the electronic patient record, which we already use for our internal needs, and extends it to make clinical information readily available to other providers and to patients themselves.”

Marafioti points to multiple benefits for all parties. Patients can get advice about diet and medication protocols, for example, while providers can find out about impacts or effects a prescribed medication might have on patients prior to actual follow-up visits.

“One patient wanted a second opinion from a large cancer centre in Houston and was able to give them online access to all her lab, radiology, and progress reports,” Marafioti explains. “It sped up the process.”

Sunnybrook has introduced its pilot in phases, starting with the hospital’s osteoporosis program and then adding cancer, dermatology and nephrology. Marafioti says the hospital is planning a hospital-wide roll-out in early 2007.

Following a year of development, including a trial involving 10 breast cancer patients, Grand River Hospital in Kitchener, Ont., launched My CARE Source in July 2004 for patients of the hospital’s cancer centre.

“We want to provide patients with information and engage them in their own care,” says Claudette DeLenardo, the hospital’s director of e-health technology. “The application doesn’t replace healthcare provider interaction in a physical sense – rather, it supports the interaction so patients have a better understanding of their diagnosis, are able to cope better, have decreased anxiety, and get appointment information online anytime they want.”

Grand River based My CARE Source on an off-the-shelf product from McKesson Provider Technologies and worked with the company to develop a system specific to the hospital’s needs. The application currently has about 500 active users, and Grand River is working to extend it to patients with chronic kidney disease. “The possibilities are limitless,” DeLenardo says, adding that project boundaries depend on financial resources.

While the Sunnybrook and Grand River portals are organized at the hospital level, Capital Health, a governing body that spans multiple hospitals and services across Edmonton and surrounding areas, is working with Epic Systems, a Wisconsin-based clinical software provider, on an online electronic medical record and scheduling system it plans to launch in late 2007.

Patients will access the system through MyChart – a web portal which bears the same name as the Sunnybrook offering but is completely unrelated to it – to view their medical records and lab results, request prescription renewals, and schedule appointments. AffiliateLink will let referring doctors track patients who are being cared for at a Capital Health facility.

Underlying both ends, a region-wide patient scheduling system known as Cadence will allow referring physicians, clinicians and patients to locate and book first-available appointments anywhere within the region, with a view to improving wait times and resource management. An ambulatory EMR, EpicCare, is also being included to enhance information sharing between Capital Health facilities, primary care networks, and outpatient clinics.

Donna Strating, Capital Health CIO and vice-president of information systems and equipment, says the new system will stem from and complement netCARE, Capital Health’s existing, internal patient database.

“Patients will be able to see their own lab results, track their blood sugars if they’re diabetic, and communicate with call centres,” Strating says. “We see the patient taking a much more active role in their own healthcare, feeling like they’re a part of it by having some transparency.”

While Capital Health represents Epic Systems’ largest implementation to date in Canada, the company has several large, regional roll-outs south of the border. One of the largest is Group Health Cooperative, a non-profit health system that covers Washington State and part of Idaho and launched a web portal called MyGroupHealth six years ago.

Dr. Ted Eytan, a family physician who is Group Health’s medical director of health informatics and web services, says more than 120,000 people – just over one quarter of the company’s overall client base – subscribe to MyGroupHealth. The portal lets them view their online EMR, request appointments, refill prescriptions, obtain lab results, allergy and immunization data and summaries of doctor visits, and e-mail any Group Health physician they have seen in the previous three years.

“It’s a seamless online connection to your healthcare team,” Eytan says. “We use the site as an adjunct to care. It doesn’t replace the relationship with the physician, it enhances it. We’re learning that patients want to work with us when they’re in the office and also when they’re not in the office, and this allows us to do that.”

Group Health, while independent of government, bears some resemblance to a single-payer healthcare system in that it offers both health insurance and healthcare services. “I think a system like MyGroupHealth would be a very natural fit for Canadian physicians,” Eytan says. “The Canadian medical profession is in an ideal position to be patient-focused and would be able to provide these services to patients without a lot of hurdles.”

Eytan says MyGroupHealth offers patients an unprecedented level of access to physicians and to medical care in general. “Our system has received secure e-mail from every continent including Antarctica. Patients log onto the web wherever they happen to be, send a message to their doctor, and get a response.”

Another portal that enjoys widespread access in the U.S. is MyNDMA. Run by National Digital Medical Archive, it counts more than 10,000 users, offering direct service to patients and physicians regardless of their affiliation or location of care.

Anyone with internet access can enter family histories and other personal medical-related data into password-protected areas at no charge, where physicians, upon a patient’s authorization, can view the data, also for free.

Patients can even fax paper reports to a MyNDMA ‘locker’ which then converts them into digital form and inserts them into the appropriate folder. MyNDMA earns income from a clinical repository where physicians, for a fee, can store medical images such as CT Scans, MRIs and X-rays. However, as part of the free service, patients can access this data, and import it into folders which they can label as they please.

Diane Hockstein, NDMA’s marketing vp, says the service is not a full EMR. It consists mostly of data that patients themselves enter into the system, along with medical images. “A patient would be able to log in, enter their personal information, and see any images their healthcare provider had stored on MyNDMA,” Hockstein says, adding that MyNDMA is fairly new and, initially, geared to serving breast cancer patients.

Hockstein says MyNDMA aims to extend the continuum of care. “We want patients to participate in it, to help their doctors understand the importance of being part of a centralized repository.”

MyNDMA offers a digital facility locator where users enter their zip code to identify the nearest medical facilities. Hockstein says MyNDMA plans to extend service to Canada by early next year.

Bill Pascal, chief technology officer with the Canadian Medical Association, says patient portals and other EMR tools stand to grow substantially. “We’re at an early stage now, but it’s going to happen. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of how quickly.”

According to Pascal, proponents need to address issues such as system security and accuracy of data. “What information does it make sense for patients to have?”

Bob Serviss, a group director responsible for innovation adoption with Canada Health Infoway, says the federal agency is watching healthcare portals of all kinds to learn about issues around their development and sustainability.

“They’re a positive step for the health system of our country. Patients and clinicians will benefit from patients taking care of their own health. We believe firmly that this is the way the system has to go in the future.” •



2007 IT resource guide for physicians

ABELSoft Corporation
3310 South Service Road
Burlington ON L7N 3M6
T: 800-994-2499/800-267-ABEL (2235)
F: 866-337-5558
Web: www.ABELMed.com
ABELMed-CMS is affordable, easy to learn/use, offers full-fledged EMR capabilities and full administrative control. For stability, scalability and security it runs on Microsoft SQL and uses the latest Microsoft Windows technology. ABELSoft, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, provides Telephone Support 24/7/365, live answering during our regular hours. Free Internet demonstrations/trials available.

Ahearn & Soper Inc.
100 Woodbine Downs Blvd
Toronto ON M9W 5S6
T: 416-675-6589 F: 416-675-6589
Web: www.ahearn.com
Ahearn & Soper offers a complete line of specialized, industry specific products including printers, embossers, labels, wristbands, wireless networks & devices, scanners, flocarts, photo ID printers and access control systems.

1262 Don Mills Road
Toronto ON M3B 2W7
T: 416-441-6176/Toll Free: 1-866-888-8857
F: 416-449-2543
Contact: Larry Chesler
Web: www.alpha-it.com
Alpha Corporate Group has over 35 years experience in the healthcare field in Canada. Universal e-Health MDR is an OntarioMD certified CMS (Clinical Management System) solution which includes fully integrated Scheduling, Electronic Medical Records and Billing modules and is designed for primary care solo/group or specialty practices. This affordable, scalable and comprehensive solution features exclusive, easy to use three panel navigation, strict compliance with HIPAA security standards and 24/7 customer support. Implement Universal e-Health MDR to streamline your practice and get home by 5.

AMD Telemedicine
650 Suffolk Street
Lowell MA 01854 USA
T: 978-937-9021 F: 978-937-5249
Contact: Dr. Deborah Jeffries
Web: www.amdtelemedicine.com
A leading supplier of medical devices and peripherals used in telemedicine and home telemonitoring with over 6,000 installations in 68 countries. AMD provides products, training and support for every clinical specialty. AMD’s success is the result of our uncompromised commitment to the success of our customer.

Apple Canada Inc.
7495 Birchmount Road
Markham ON L3R 5G2
T: 905-513-5800 F: 905-513-5793
Web: www.apple.ca/science
Take a Mac out of its box and you experience that hand-and-glove fit from the get-go. Plug it in. Turn it on. With a MAC, you’ll find all of the essentials built right in. USB, FireWire, Ethernet. The Mac’s ease of use, stability and superior performance help doctors focus on their patients, not on their computers.

B Sharp Technologies Inc.
23 Lesmill Road, Suite 404
Toronto ON M3B 3P6
T: 866-994-2499 F: 416-445-2341
Contact: Tony Iantorno, Partner
Web: www.bcare.ca
A division of B Sharp, B Care is a leader in integrated healthware solutions. Our products are developed to meet the demands of the evolving clinical environment to facilitate quality, compliant point-of-care. B Care is focused on delivering decision support applications that enhance physician productivity and facilitate the client care process.

BlackBerry by Research In Motion
185 Columbia Street W
Waterloo ON N2L 5Z5
T: 519-888-7465
Web: www.blackberry.com/go/healthcare
BlackBerry Business Solutions for Healthcare allows your professionals to access essential communications and relevant clinical information from virtually anywhere, which means improved patient care, better cost control, streamlined workflow and increased efficiency – all without sacrificing the security and privacy of confidential patient information.

Brother International Corp. (Canada) Ltd.
1 Hotel de Ville
Dollard-des-Ormeaux QC H9B 3H6
T: 1-877 BROTHER F: 514-685-0700
Contact: Stephen Deslaurier
Web: www.brother.ca
Brother International Corporation (Canada) Ltd. is part of a worldwide network of companies that markets a range of business machines and home appliances known for their originality, creativity and reliability: printers, faxes, multifunction centres and labeling machines. Globally, Brother is a four and half billion-dollar company, employing more than 20,000 people around the world.

Canadian Pharmacists Association
1785 Alta Vista Drive
Ottawa ON K1G 3Y6
T: 800-917-9489 or 613-523-7877
F: 613-523-0445
Contact: Dan Reid
Web: www.pharmacists.ca/e-Therapeutics & www.pharmacists.ca/e-CPS
CPhA is proud to present e-CPS and e-Therapeutics+, the next generation of professional resources for health care practitioners. Available on the web, CPhA’s e-products are what every practice deserves. Based on CPhA’s Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS), e-CPS provides practitioners with current information on drugs available in Canada. Credible and reliable, e-CPS is your indispensable online resource for Canadian drug information. e-Therapeutics+ is Canada’s authoritative source for prescribing and managing drug therapy at the point of care. Combining e-CPS with reliable, evidence-based therapeutic information, e-Therapeutics+ helps practitioners know what works when.

201-6051 Gilbert Road
Richmond BC V7C 3V3
T: 604-813-6729 F: 604-276-8717
Web: www.canadianemr.ca
CanadianEMR is a resource exclusively for Canadian physicians to share information and learn about Electronic Medical Records. For questions such as: ‘Where can I learn about EMR systems available in my province?’, ‘How do I choose the right EMR for my use?’ Visit CanadianEMR to learn and share your experiences.

CDW Canada Inc.
20 Carlson Court, Suite 300
Etobicoke ON M9W 7K6
T: 800-97-CDWCA F: 647-288-5900
Web: www.CDW.ca
CDW provides brand-name technology products and services to business and public sector customers in Canada. CDW offers solutions from industry leading organizations such as Adobe, Apple, Cisco, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Symantec, Toshiba and Xerox.

Christie Group Ltd.
516 Rue du Parc
St-Eustache QC J7R 5B2
T: 450-472-9120 F: 450-472-9410
Web: www.christiegrp.com
Christie Group Ltd. is the exclusive distributor in Canada for Fujifilm Corporation, a global leader in the development and manufacturing of diagnostic imaging technologies and solutions. Fuji’s Synapse PACS employs Web technology as its architectural foundation, and runs on industry standard hardware and software to enable users to continually benefit from emerging application and networking technologies. It integrates fully and intelligently with imaging modalities, patient management and information systems, and communications systems. Other products include Fuji’s Computed Radiography (FCR) systems, network dry laser printers, film handling and processing equipment, film and chemistry.

Chyma Systems, Inc.
4020 Saint Ambroise, Suite 399
Montreal QC H4C 2C7
T: 1-888-931-5858
Contact: Naman Demaghlatrous x277
Web: www.chyma.net
Simplify physician shift scheduling and communications. Trade shifts, create schedules by clicking a button. Saves time locating doctors. 13,000 physician users. No software to install. No hardware to purchase. Includes contact database manager, event calendars, messaging, discussion forums. Stores documents, video-audio files, and interactive media. Send messages to BlackBerry or Pocket PC.

CLINICARE Corporation
300, 3553-31 Street NW
Calgary AB T2L 2K7
T: 800-563-0579 F: 403-259-2400
Contact: Brent F. Mitchell
Web: www.clinicare.com
CLINICARE is Canada’s leading provider of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (billing and scheduling) software for group medical practices. For a third consecutive year, CLINICARE has received the ‘Best in KLAS’ Award for being the highest rated EMR in North America. CLINICARE also received the 2005 Canadian Health Informatics Company of the Year Award.

Crescendo Systems Corporation
1600 Montgolfier
Laval QC H7T 0A2
T: 450-973-8029/1-800-724-2930
F: 450-973-4449
Contact: Claire Betis, Marketing Manager
Web: www.crescendo.com
Established in 1990, Crescendo develops digital dictation, speech recognition (powered by SpeechMagic), transcription and document management systems for healthcare. The company has over 2,000 installations in North America and is headquartered in Laval, Quebec with a branch office in Toronto.

DeltaWare Systems Inc.
90 University Avenue, Suite 300
Charlottetown PE C1A 4K9
T: 902-368-8122 F: 902-628-4660
Web: www.deltaware.com
DeltaWare is a recognized leader in deploying e-health solutions across Canada. Our Medigent Suite is comprised of distinct components designed to address user needs in the areas of EHRs, claims processing and primary care. The newest Medigent release, the Drug Information System, is the first of its kind in Canada, fully integrated with the Medigent Claims Processing System to help ensure patient safety.

Dictaphone Canada Inc.
5399 Eglinton Avenue W, Suite 110
Etobicoke ON M9C 5K6
T: 1-888-471-3463 x4252 F: 1-866-402-6384
Contact: Benjamin Hebb
Web: www.dictaphone.com
A subsidiary of Nuance Communications, Inc., Dictaphone provides industry leading dictation, transcription, speech recognition and natural language processing solutions for the healthcare market. Whether a single user or a large multi-site hospital, Dictaphone can provide a perfectly structured solution for streamlining the dictation/transcription processes within your organization.

Suite 706, Plaza 124
10216-124 Street
Edmonton AB T5N 4A3
T: 866-443-3647 F: 780-452-8266
Web: www.emis.ca
EMIS is the complete physician office system, which automates the day-to-day management of a busy clinic with unified EMR, scheduling and billing. EMIS PCS (patient care system) supports chronic disease management with key clinical indicator alerts, monitoring the patient’s clinical outcome. As the UK’s No. 1, EMIS is an independent, large, financially strong organization.

1181 Trapp Road
St. Paul MN 55121 USA
T: 800-888-8458 F: 651-681-7715
Contact: Dave Sanders
Web: www.ergotron.com
Ergotron’s specialty mounting solutions integrate LCDs, notebooks, tablet PCs and large displays into patient rooms, emergency and operating rooms, labs and nurses stations – wherever patient data or PACS images need to be accessed. Ergotron products deliver point-of-care software everywhere, improving workflow, increasing accuracy and enhancing patient care.

Fujitsu Canada, Inc.
6975 Creditview Road, Unit 1
Mississauga ON L5N 8E9
T: 800-263-8716 F: 905-286-5997
Web: www.fujitsu.ca
Fujitsu offers a full range of document imaging and mobile Tablet PC products geared for healthcare. Our imaging scanners address needs from desktop and departmental installations to enterprise-wide production environments. The entry level Fujitsu ScanSnap converts paper documents to Adobe PDF files with one button. Our Stylistic and LifeBook Convertible Tablet PCs enable users to annotate documents, take handwritten notes and wirelessly share information anywhere.

Healthscreen Solutions Incorporated
110B Hannover Drive, Suite 101
St. Catharines ON L2W 1A4
T: 800-567-5017 F: 905-682-4220
Contact: Wes Stonos
Web: www.healthscreen.com
Healthscreen Solutions provides electronic medical records software and connectivity solutions that promote efficiency, lower practice costs and improve patient care. The company delivers turnkey solutions that include software, hardware, networking and connectivity to clinics of all sizes and specialties.

InfoClin Inc.
99 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 218
Toronto ON M6K 3J8
T: 416-538-9898 F: 416-538-7166
Contact: Paul Aiello
Web: www.infoclin.ca
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Educational Seminars, EMR Selection Services, EMR Project Management, EMR Practice Management, EMR Disaster Recovery Planning, EMR Privacy and Confidentiality Planning.

Intelerad Medical Systems Inc.
460 Ste-Catherine Street W, Suite 210
Montreal QC H3B 1A7
T: 514-931-6222 F: 514-931-4653
Contact: J.B. Wimbere
Web: www.intelerad.com
Intelerad Medical Systems is a leading PACS provider for radiology clinics and hospitals. With over 300 PACS installations globally in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA, Intelerad has an excellent record of customer retention and its highly acclaimed IntelePACS and InteleViewer products are well respected within the industry.

Kodak Canada Inc.
6 Monogram Place, Suite 200
Toronto ON M9R 0A1
T: 800-440-3336 F: 416-760-4487
Web: www.kodak.com
Kodak Health Group is a premier supplier of Medical Diagnostic Imaging Products. Kodak Canada Inc. markets and services Kodak Medical Products including PACS, CR, DR, Mammography, Laser Imagers, Diagnostic X-ray film and traditional non-digital film handling equipment (film processors).

Konica Minolta – Medical Division
369 Britannia Road E
Mississauga ON L4Z 2H5
T: 905-890-6600 x410
Konica Minolta – Medical Division markets products for use in Medical Imaging, X-ray film, film processors and accessories. Introducing the world’s fastest and most unique CR reader – the Dual Bay CR Reader Regius 190. Produces Digital Radiographic imaging of the highest quality fully DICOM supported. Rated # 1 CR in the world by MD BUYLINE.

Lanier Healthcare Canada
36-980 Adelaide Street S
London ON N6E 1R3
T: 519-649-4880 F: 519-649-2562
Web: www.lhcc.ca
Lanier Healthcare Canada (LHCC) is a major Canadian company dedicated to successful speech recognition solutions. We support implementations throughout Canada and have become the preferred partner of choice. For dictation, transcription, speech recognition solutions and outsource transcription services, please contact LHCC.

Lexi-Comp, Inc.
1100 Terex Road
Hudson OH 44236 USA
T: 330-650-6506 F: 330-656-4307
Web: www.lexi.com
Lexi-Comp, Inc. creates clinical reference solutions to provide point-of-care decision support in key areas, including pharmacology, drug interactions, and laboratory tests/diagnostic procedures. Our information is available for PDAs, online, through local intranet servers, and as web-based datasets. Enterprise licensing for integration within other applications throughout health systems is available.

Lexmark Canada Inc.
50 Leek Crescent
Richmond Hill ON L4B 4J3
T: 905-763-0560/800-663-7662 F: 905-763-0290
Web: www.lexmark.ca
Lexmark makes it easier for businesses and consumers to move information between the digital and paper worlds. Since its inception in 1991, Lexmark has become a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of printing and imaging solutions with offerings ranging from inkjet to laser, monochrome to colour, and single function to multifunction technologies. Over 80% of the top healthcare organizations in North America use Lexmark printing solutions, which seamlessly integrate into their HIS systems. Lexmark tailors solutions that replace costly pre-printed forms, minimize errors, speed up the sharing of information and reduce costs with device consolidation.

Microquest Inc.
4408 94 Street
Edmonton AB T6E 6T7
T: 780-438-3762 F: 780-434-6018
Web: www.microquest.ab.ca
Healthquest practice management and electronic medical record system provides billing, scheduling, EMR and many additional features. VCUR 2006 certified. Clinics of any size.

Motion Computing
8601 RR 2222, Building II
Austin TX 78746 USA
T: 866-MTABLET (866-682-2538) F: 512-637-1199
Contact: Scott Ball
Web: www.motioncomputing.ca
Motion Computing slate tablet PCs are designed to help healthcare professionals enhance the quality of patient care and improve patient safety with streamlined clinical workflows and increased clinician mobility and productivity. Motion customers use tablet PC-enabled EHR, EMR, CPOE, eMAR, RIS and PACS applications to automate many processes.

National Medical Solutions Inc.
804B 16th Avenue SW
Calgary AB T3H 3R7
T: 877-245-8337 F: 403-245-8749
Contact: Paulette Redley Patterson
Web: www.medicalsolutions.ca
National Medical Solutions Inc. (NMS) offers enterprise level EMR and Practice Management software solutions to Canadian healthcare providers. NMSClinic software is intuitive and user definable, giving healthcare professionals the freedom to access pertinent information when they need it. The NMS software applications can be run in a secure local or ASP managed environment.

Nightingale Informatix Corporation

3760 Fourteenth Avenue, Suite 200
Markham ON L3R 3T7
T: 905-943-2600 F: 905-415-8780
Web: www.nightingalemd.ca
Nightingale Informatix Corporation is one of North America’s fastest growing healthcare application service providers. Our products are highly secure, Internet-based solutions designed to help physicians, practices and healthcare organizations efficiently manage their operation while increasing patient care. Nightingale products include electronic health records, scheduling, claims processing, billing, workflow, laboratory interfaces and transcription.

Nuance Communications Inc.
5399 Eglinton Avenue W, Suite 110
Etobicoke ON M9C 5K6
T: 1-888-471-3463 x4252 F: 1-866-402-6384
Contact: Benjamin Hebb
Web: www.nuance.com
Nuance Communications Inc. is a market leader in dictation, transcription and speech recognition solutions. Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dictaphone Healthcare Solutions Group offer providers technology to streamline their dictation patterns and improve overall efficiency of dictation and transcription through the deployment of speech recognition.

Octacom Limited / Bay Area Records Conversion
Medical Records Scanning Services
40 Wellington Street N
Hamilton ON L8R 1M8
T: 905-737-0700 F: 905-737-0702
Contact: Daryl Stott
Web: www.octacom.ca
Scanning Conversion and EMR experts, specializing in the successful conversion of your patient records from paper to electronic format. In business since 1976.

Optimed Software Corporation
210-1632 Dickson Avenue
Kelowna BC V1Y 7T2
T: 1-866-729-8889 F: 250-979-0069
Web: www.OptimedSoftware.com
Optimed’s web accessible clinic management software, Accuro, was physician designed to adapt to practice workflows and seamlessly integrate all components. Accuro automates scheduling, communication, billing, and the use of electronic medical records to increase efficiency, security, and accuracy in order to elevate the quality of patient care while optimizing physician profitability.

Philips Medical Systems
281 Hillmount Road
Markham ON L6C 2S3
T: 905-201-4500 F: 905-201-4323
Web: www.Medical.Philips.com
Philips Medical Systems, a global leader in the growing medical diagnostic industry and electronic healthcare, is committed to providing innovative technology and services that enable healthcare providers to achieve clinical excellence – without compromise. Philips offers a robust portfolio of medical systems. Our product lines include best-in-class technologies in X-ray, ultrasound, magnetic resonance, computed tomography, nuclear medicine, PET, radiation services including training and education, business consultancy and financial services.

Practice Solutions Software Inc.
2-320 Pinebush Road
Cambridge ON N1T 1Z6
T: 800-361-9151 F: 866-526-7565
Web: www.practicesolutions.ca
We develop software tools for electronic medical records (EMR), billing and scheduling. Since 1982, our products have been trusted by more than 2,600 doctors at more than 800 medical clinics representing every kind of practice – solo or group, specialist or family physician.

Purkinje Inc.
740 Notre-Dame W, Suite 750
Montreal QC H3C 3X6
T: 800-667-0888 F: 514-355-0481
Contact: Louise Pitre
Web: www.purkinje.com
Purkinje’s Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record suite provides a seamless integration between all administrative, billing, and clinical components. Purkinje|Dossier improves clinician and staff workflow, which increases the quality of care and patient satisfaction. Purkinje has over 5,000 users in clinics, community health centers, private practices and hospitals.

Smart Systems for Health Agency
PO Box 148, 777 Bay Street, Suite 701
Toronto ON M5G 2C8
T: 416-586-6500 F: 416-586-4343
Web: www.ssha.on.ca
SSHA offers Ontario physicians network connectivity services. In addition, SSHA supplies OntarioMD.ca with information technology including its portal, e-mail and clinical management system/application service provider.

Sony of Canada Ltd.
115 Gordon Baker Road
Toronto ON M2H 3R6
T: 416-495-2982 F: 416-499-8290
Web: www.sony.ca/medical
Sony offers the latest in medical equipment ranging from monitors, medical recorders to image archiving and storage. Telemedicine solutions from Sony enable clinical staff to offer personal advice to patients without leaving their office; view an X-ray or surgical procedure without traveling to another hospital; or simply consult a colleague for a second opinion in another hospital or even another country. Beyond ‘face to face’ consultations, Sony videoconferencing solutions give students and doctors alike a close-up view of surgical procedures or teaching presentations, wherever they are.

Talk 2 Me Technology Inc.
20-255 Dundas Street E, Suite 506
Waterdown ON L0R 2H6
T: 800-518-2552 F: 905-689-0090
Contact: Charles Marriott, x320
Web: www.dictation.ca
Canada’s largest distributor of digital dictation and speech recognition solutions. Products include: Philips, Olympus and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Talk It Up Technologies Inc.
400 5th Avenue SW, Suite 300
Calgary AB T2P 0L6
T: 403-809-8255
Contact: Richard Anderton
Web: www.talkitup.ca
Are you overwhelmed with the data input requirements of your new Electronic Medical Records system? Our speech recognition solutions are guaranteed to make your life easier and work with virtually any EMR! You simply speak to your computer to create your clinic notes, referral letters, and e-mail messages. Call now for a free demonstration & initial consultation.

100 Sheppard Avenue E
Toronto ON M2N 6N5
Web: www.telus.com
TELUS Healthcare Solutions support healthcare providers in improving the delivery of patient care at the hospital, in the community, at home or on the move. TELUS enables the delivery of critical health information at the point of care, regardless of distance or location. Health practitioners can increase access to quality care, improve efficiency, enhance productivity and foster integrated patient care delivery using TELUS’ infrastructure and collaboration solutions. TELUS has nearly 2,000 affiliations with government, regional health authorities, hospitals and medical offices in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia.

Thomson Micromedex
6200 South Syracuse Way, Suite 300
Greenwood Village (Denver) CO 80111-4740 USA
T: 303-486-6400 x6625 F: 303-486-6464
Contact: Michael Buckner (303) 499-4857
Web: www.micromedex.com
Thomson Micromedex delivers evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical knowledge solutions that empower healthcare professionals to make better decisions faster. A comprehensive suite of protocols and interventions covering drug, toxicology and laboratory information answer questions at every stage of care, on PDA or Desktop. To reduce medication errors, Micromedex is the right choice.

Vocera Communications, Inc.
20600 Lazaneo Drive
Cupertino CA 95014 USA
T: 408-790-4100 F: 408-790-4101
Contact: Pierre Normandeau
Web: www.vocera.com
The Vocera Communications System is a wireless voice communication system that enhances productivity and teamwork. The System consists of: the Vocera System Software and the Vocera Communications Badge, a wearable, voice device that operates over a wLAN. The system allows clinical staff to instantly speak with the resources they need.

VoicePC® Inc.
301 Moodie Drive, Suite 106
Ottawa ON K2H 9C4
T: 613-276-0235/ Toll Free: 877-637-9872
F: 613-276-0238
Web: www.VoicePC.ca
Pioneering computer-based transcription solutions for doctors, VoicePC integrates solutions for health care practitioners that include the latest in digital dictation/transcription systems, speech recognition solutions, and in productivity software. By integrating these solutions with the most recent advances in hardware, including Tablet PCs, Notebooks and Handhelds, VoicePC provides Turn-Key solutions that include Training, Service and Support for its clients.

Wolf Medical Systems
5460 152nd Street, Suite 201
Surrey BC V3S 5J9
T: 604-576-6969 F: 604-576-6903
Web: www.wolfmedical.com
Wolf offers a complete electronic medical record solution for physicians and healthcare providers. Wolf’s Billing, Scheduling and Clinical software runs on desktop PCs, laptops and wireless Tablet PCs; it’s accessible over a secure Internet connection from remote locations. Wolf can be implemented on-premises or accessed via an applications service provider (ASP).

1550 Enterprise Road
Mississauga ON L4W 4P4
T: 905-670-1225 F: 905-670-1344
Web: www.xwave.com
xwave’s Clinical Management System (CMS) brings together best-in-class electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management (PM) software from GE Healthcare. It is available to physicians in an affordable easy-to-adopt application service provider (ASP) format, and includes comprehensive site assessment, training, change management support, and 7x24 help desk service.

York-Med Systems Inc.
110-38 Leek Crescent
Richmond Hill ON L4B 4N8
T: 905-695-3454 / 1-800-463-0595
F: 905-763-7301
Web: www.york-med.com
Ontario’s leading provider of Billing/Scheduling and Electronic Medical Record Solutions. With over 25 years of experience focused solely in Ontario and two Certified Solutions, York-Med is your one-stop shop for all your computerization needs. Trusted partner with over 5,000 billing clients and 1,800 EMR users. Medical Desktop, Purkinje|Dossier, MDe.

Xerox Canada Ltd.
5650 Yonge Street
Toronto ON M2M 4G7
T: 416-795-0154
Contact: Tara Allingham/Tara Smith
Web: www.xerox.ca
We provide a myriad of products, services, and solutions enabling healthcare professionals to work smarter. From coping with pages and pages of hard copy medical records, to sharing routine lab work results, or even achieving governing body accreditation, Xerox can help you to save money, reduce hassle and save time. •