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EHR innovators
Toronto’s Michener Institute, an educational centre for applied health sciences, has started integrating digitized microscopy images into an Electronic Health Record system. It’s one of the first sites in the country to do this. “Typically, you do not see digital microscopy in the health record,” commented Dr. Karim Bandali, vice provost of the Michener. Digital slide technology has the potential of becoming a very important tool for pathologists who analyze patient samples for the presence – or absence – of serious diseases, including cancer and blood disorders. “Digital microscopy is a major piece, and integrating it into the electronic record is a major development,” said Dr. Bandali. READ MORE

2008 IT resource guide for physicians
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Editor's note: Aggressive patients.
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Fujitsu mini-notebook; 15-megapixel monitor; Web calls and photo swaps made simple; Rugged hand-carried ultrasound system.
Scope: Manitoba clinic makes the leap to paper-free. By Neil Zeidenberg.





EHR innovators

The Michener Institute is adding digital laboratory slide images to the EHR.

By Jerry Zeidenberg

Toronto’s Michener Institute, an educational centre for applied health sciences, has started integrating digitized microscopy images into an Electronic Health Record system. It’s one of the first sites in the country to do this.

“Typically, you do not see digital microscopy in the health record,” commented Dr. Karim Bandali, vice provost of the Michener.

Digital slide technology has the potential of becoming a very important tool for pathologists who analyze patient samples for the presence – or absence – of serious diseases, including cancer and blood disorders. “Digital microscopy is a major piece, and integrating it into the electronic record is a major development,” said Dr. Bandali.

The incorporation of slide images into the EHR has many benefits, both for Michener as a school and for hospitals and health regions.

“It will have real value for rural areas,” said Dr. Bandali. He explained that small hospitals collect samples, but usually send them out to larger centres for analysis. Unfortunately, this can be a slow process and it can take up to a week before they receive results.

By contrast, if their lab technologists prepare slides and digitize them, using special equipment, they can be sent electronically to pathologists for viewing and analysis. “You could receive a diagnosis in 24 hours,” commented Dr. Bandali.

What’s more, just as Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) for radiological images have powerful tool sets for analyzing images, so do newly emerging computerized applications for digital microscopy.

Pathologists can make use of powerful, software-based tools such as cell counters and colour analyzers, thereby improving the accuracy of their analyses.

Another major benefit: with digital microscopy, you can display several slides on the same computer screen for comparison. That is a big improvement over traditional practice, where pathologists can view only one slide at a time.

Finally, just as with images in a PACS, physicians using digital microscopy can share images for second opinions and group consultations. Once the images are stored in an archiving system and become part of the patient’s electronic record, the images can be sent to specialists and referring physicians.

Michener’s own solution arose as part of its project to create an integrated EHR, one that consolidates lab, radiology, radiotherapy, and traditional components of a health information system so that all the parts can be easily accessed.

“We’re teaching our students how to work in the hospital of the future, so we are producing a better student,” said Dr. Bandali, adding that it mitigates the amount of time that clinicians must spend educating students once they’ve joined the healthcare workforce.

He noted that most hospitals and health regions are building EHRs right now to solve real-world problems, such as patient safety. “For example, we know that medical error in the health system usually stems from a lack of communication between care-givers, especially at the time of patient hand-offs. There is not enough collaboration.”

To combat these problems, “inter-professional collaboration is now an important theme in most hospitals,” said Dr. Bandali, who asserted that the integrated, electronic health record is critical for making sure that all healthcare professionals have quick and easy access to the information they need, when they need it.

Brad Niblett, director of information management, notes that the Michener’s EHR contains the components needed for making quick, accurate clinical decisions. Major components include a Siemens PACS and RIS, as well as a HIS, LIS and radiotherapy systems from IMPAC of Sunnyvale, Calif., a division of Swedish-based Elekta. “We’re not just building an EHR,” said Niblett. “It’s an inter-professional driven EHR that’s designed to support collaboration.”

To help start building this technological vision, Michener brought together several key partners, including Unis Lumin, a systems integrator located in Oakville, Ont., Cisco Systems, which specializes in communications, and for the digital microscopy component, Quorum Technologies Inc., of Guelph, Ont., which is a Canadian distributor for Aperio Inc., of San Diego.

Niblett said “the incorporation of digital microscopy into the curriculum and EHR represents a successful public-private-partnership opportunity between multiple organizations.”

He added that when it comes to the EHR, there are three primary objectives:

• advancing the level of integration between traditional EHR information systems;

• incorporating non-traditional systems into the EHR framework;

• and incorporating relevant emerging technologies into the overall EHR.

In order to support EHR innovation, beefing up the foundational technology (network and storage infrastructure) was essential.

The main network router was replaced with a dual core unit to facilitate effective data flow and security. In addition, the installation of a SAN (storage area network) provided not only critical data capacity, but essential security and quality of service to data residing on all systems, including digital pathology, the radiology information system, radio-therapy information system, laboratory information system, and overall hospital information system.

As well, the solution employs high-powered pipes –- fibre-optic cables link servers across the network, and data is delivered to the user’s desktop at gigabit speeds. That reduces the time required to send very large image files.

The importance of a high-capacity becomes clear when we find out just how large the images can be. A single slide can take up 1 gigabyte of space, and between five minutes to one hour to scan a single slide by the specialized Aperio scanner.

An area of interest on the slide can be reduced to 100K for transmission, but if a pathologist wants a better look, he or she may very well return to the original 1GB slide image. “The 100K image isn’t diagnostic quality, but it will identify problems,” commented Niblett. “You can then go back to the original.”

Not only will clinicians benefit from digital pathology, so will students and instructors.

By using the new system, an entire class can view and discuss the same slides, at the same time. This makes it easier for the instructor, who must otherwise work with each individual student, viewing through a microscope and pointing out various structures and problems.

“Now, if you have a unique slide, perhaps a slide that is rare and specific to one clinical site, we can share this educational experience with all our students using digital slide technology,” said Dr. Bandali, who noted that most of Michener’s laboratory classes have 16 to 25 students. He commented that a professor can display the slide in high-resolution at every workstation, and discuss the case while every student sees the same image.

Digital pathology also allows the school to create its own collection of slides, which can be accessed by students and faculty at any hour. That has already happened with the Michener’s digitized collection of over 1,000 slides.

Niblett noted that plans are afoot to work with other educational institutions to share online libraries of ‘unique cases’, thereby increasing the scope of and depth of the education they can offer.

It might be added that digital slides reduce the nervousness of students and instructors who handle traditional glass slides. “Glass slides may contain rare cases, and if they are dropped or misplaced, they are lost to us forever,” commented Dr. Bandali. That is why professors in medical laboratory science and diagnostic cytology have closely supervised their students in the past, making sure that nothing is mishandled. Going digital, however, eliminates this concern – with computerized images, there’s nothing to break. “And everyone can access them, 24/7,” said Dr. Bandali.

Niblett estimates that fewer than 1 percent of labs in Canada and the United States have implemented digital microscopy systems, and quotes a recent 2006 study by the Gartner Group, a technology market research company headquartered on the U.S.

However, given all of the benefits of this relatively new solution for diagnostic labs, especially when integrated with the EHR, many observers say the issue is when, rather than if, digital microscopy will take off.

For its part, the Michener Institute is ready for this to happen. It’s already training students to use this solution, along with many others. “It’s all part of our simulation strategy,” said Dr. Bandali. “We put students through a wide variety of simulations here before they go into clinical settings.

“So when students get into the clinical environment, we are hoping it results in a seamless transition to their clinical placements. As a result of our new curriculum and the technologies we have invested in, we hope our students are prepared to hit the ground running.”  •



2008 IT resource guide for physicians

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CanadianEMR is a free national resource for Canadian physicians, medical office staff and system planners. CanadianEMR includes a national EMR comparison tool, a consumer reports style EMR user rating system and an expert blog that allows physicians to share experiences.

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Carestream Health Canada Company is a leading provider of dental and medical imaging systems and healthcare IT solutions; molecular imaging systems for the life science research and drug discovery/development market segments; and X-ray film and digital X-ray products for the non-destructive testing market.

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London ON N6A 4G5
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Cerner Corp. is taking the paper chart out of healthcare, eliminating error, variance and waste in the care process. With more than 6,000 clients worldwide, Cerner is the leading supplier of healthcare information technology.

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Web: www.clinicare.com
CLINICARE is Canada’s largest provider of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management Applications (PMA) to group practice physicians. CLINICARE received the ‘Best in KLAS’ Award for three consecutive years (2003-2005) for being the #1 rated Ambulatory EMR in North America for groups of 6-25 physicians. At time of publication, CLINICARE is currently ranked #1 in that category once again.

Crescendo Systems Corporation
1600 Montgolfier
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T: 1-800-724-2930 F: 450-973-4449
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Web: www.crescendo.com
Crescendo develops digital dictation, speech recognition (powered by SpeechMagic), transcription, and electronic signature and document management systems for healthcare. Established in 1990, the company serves over 2,000 installations in North America from its Laval, QC headquarters and Toronto branch office.

DeltaWare Systems Inc.
90 University Avenue, Suite 300
Charlottetown PE C1A 4K9
T: 902-368-8122 F: 902-628-4660
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Web: www.deltaware.com
DeltaWare helps manage the business of health, assisting healthcare providers and administrators to focus more on delivering services and less on administering them. Medigent provides functionality for Medical Practice Management, Beneficiary Management, Provider Management, Benefits Management & Assessment, Vital Events Management, and Drug Surveillance.

Dictaphone – A Division of Nuance
5399 Eglinton Avenue W, Suite 110
Etobicoke ON M9C 5K6
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A subsidiary of Nuance Communications, Inc., Dictaphone owns, provides, deploys and supports industry leading dictation, transcription, speech recognition and natural language processing solutions for the healthcare market. These solutions include Powerscribe for Radiology, with over 1,000 installations; Enterprise Express, which over 400,000 providers utilize every day; and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical, which is used by over 50,000 clinicians daily. Whether a single user or a large multi-site hospital, Dictaphone can provide a perfectly structured solution for streamlining the dictation/transcription processes within your organization.

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InfoClin is the distributor of P-PROMPT in Ontario. P-PROMPT is a disease registry software and service that helps physicians track and recall patients who require chronic disease management and preventive care services. P-PROMPT helps physicians increase their revenues from government bonuses and incentives for preventive and chronic disease care.

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Consulting services in telehealth – planning, implementation, training and evaluation.

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Motion is the world leader in the design and manufacture of slate form factor tablet PCs. Intel and Motion have partnered to launch the first Mobile Clinical Assistant, the Motion C5. The C5 is specifically designed for mobile point of care applications.

Nightingale Informatix Corporation
3762 14th Avenue, Suite 100
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Nuance Communications Inc. is a market leader in dictation, transcription and speech recognition solutions. Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the Dictaphone Healthcare Solutions Division and the recent acquisitions of Commissure and Vocada, offer providers technology to streamline their dictation patterns and improve overall efficiency of dictation and transcription through the deployment of speech recognition.

Online Business Systems
200-115 Bannatyne Avenue
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Contact: Eric Sawotin
Web: www.obsglobal.com
Online participates with regional health authorities, hospitals, health standards organizations, and other stakeholders to develop electronic health records that change the way healthcare is delivered to Canadians. Our teams of industry, business, and technical experts tackle the most complex system and process changes for healthcare organizations.

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SSHA, an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, electronically connects Ontario healthcare professionals to patient information – contributing to more informed treatment decisions. Its products and services are free for publicly-funded healthcare organizations and professionals. SSHA partners with
OntarioMD to offer physicians information technology products to connect them to each other and other parts of the healthcare system. With OntarioMD, SSHA provides physicians with network connectivity, secure e-mail, clinical management systems and the www.OntarioMD.ca portal. If you are a doctor and want to learn more about how SSHA can help you, contact our Deployment Management Office at 1-888-663-2366.

Talk 2 Me Technology
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Web: www.dictation.ca
Canadian distributor of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and digital dictation systems from Philips & Olympus.

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TELUS has a strategic commitment to be the leader in healthcare transformation in Canada. TELUS technology enables improved healthcare in Canada with solutions that secure the right information to the right person at the right time – from the hospital to the home. Canada’s health providers in the acute, primary and home and community care market are using TELUS technology to improve access to care, enhance productivity and foster integrated patient care delivery. TELUS has nearly 2,000 affiliations with government, regional health authorities, hospitals and medical offices in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia.

Thomson Healthcare
6200 South Syracuse Way, Suite 300
Greenwood Village (Denver) CO 80111-4740 USA
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Web: www.thomson.com/solutions/healthcare
Thomson Healthcare delivers the Micromedex evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical knowledge solutions that empower healthcare professionals to make better decisions faster. A comprehensive suite of protocols and interventions covering drug, toxicology and laboratory information answer questions at every stage of care, on PDA or Desktop. For trusted evidence, mobility solutions and clinical performance support, choose Thomson Healthcare.

Village East Medical
1031 Brock Road S
Pickering ON L1W 3T7
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Web: www.villageeastmedical.com
This new 7,000 square foot facility is located just 15 minutes east of Toronto. We offer colon screening, cardiac testing and diagnostic imaging; using new, hospital grade equipment. Village East Medical is the first site in Canada to house the brand new Philips Brightview nuclear medicine camera.

Vocera Communications, Inc.
525 Race Street
San Jose CA 95126-3495 USA
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Web: www.vocera.com
Vocera Communications is a voice communication system that enables immediate dialog between clinical staff. The system has proven to improve staff communication, productivity and teamwork by enabling instant voice conversation among teams. Instant voice access to resources reduces delays in the delivery of care that can impact patient safety outcomes.

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5650 Yonge Street
Toronto ON M2M 4G7
T: 416-795-0154
Contact: Tara Allingham/Tara Smith
Web: www.xerox.ca
We provide a myriad of products, services, and solutions enabling healthcare professionals to work smarter. From coping with pages and pages of hard copy medical records, to sharing routine lab work results, or even achieving governing body accreditation, Xerox can help you to save money, reduce hassle and save time.

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Mississauga ON L4W 4P4
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xwave’s Clinical Management System (CMS) brings together best-in-class electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management (PM) software from GE Healthcare. It is available to physicians in an affordable easy-to-adopt application service provider (ASP) format, and includes comprehensive site assessment, training, change management support, and 7x24 help desk service.

York-Med Systems Inc.
38 Leek Crescent
Richmond Hill ON L4B 4N8
T: 905-763-7301
We provide Turnkey solutions such as Certified Clinical Management (scheduling, billing, RA and EMR systems) for physicians, clinics and hospitals.