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Is three company?
All eyes are on Alberta’s move to streamline the number of approved electronic medical records vendors and adopt a centrally hosted application service provider model. On July 25, two months after closing a formal request for proposals, Alberta Health and Wellness announced it had short-listed its number of vendors from eleven to three, with even further evaluation and possible reduction over the next few months. Physicians will be able to maintain their existing providers and funding until the current provincial agreement expires in March 2011, unless they choose to migrate to an approved vendor earlier.  READ MORE

2009 IT resource guide for physicians
Our annual IT resource guide: Names, numbers and addresses for the top suppliers of clinical systems, business solutions and more. READ MORE

Editor’s note: A DEW line for the flu.
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Scope: Don’t doctors and patients want the same thing? By Kevin J. Leonard




Is three company?

Alberta prunes approved EMR vendor list in controversial changes to POSP.

By Saul Chernos

All eyes are on Alberta’s move to streamline the number of approved electronic medical records vendors and adopt a centrally hosted application service provider model.

On July 25, two months after closing a formal request for proposals, Alberta Health and Wellness announced it had short-listed its number of vendors from eleven to three, with even further evaluation and possible reduction over the next few months. Physicians will be able to maintain their existing providers and funding until the current provincial agreement expires in March 2011, unless they choose to migrate to an approved vendor earlier. However, some doctors say they’re happy with their current systems, and a few fairly substantial EMR providers say that, by restricting choice, the government is hindering innovation and investment.

Dr. James McDonald has worked at the same northeast Edmonton clinic since 1973, yet he faces his second moving day in two years thanks to the decision to streamline. The solo general practitioner chose Purkinje when the Alberta Physician Office System Program was established and government funding became available seven years ago. Five years later, when Purkinje was dropped from POSP’s updated vendor conformance and usability requirements, McDonald migrated to Nightingale. Now, with Nightingale and many of its competitors suddenly de-listed, McDonald is wondering what comes next and who will pay for transferring records.

“I’m a small clinic, open three days a week, and I see 100 patients (during this time),” McDonald says. “I’m at the extreme end of a solo practice in terms of numbers. A clinic my size can’t handle thousands of dollars in computer-related costs. Who’s going to be responsible for importing all the records from Nightingale and the other groups onto the new system?”

What doctors like McDonald are facing has some history. POSP, which is overseeing the rationalization, was established in 2001 by Alberta Health and Wellness, the Alberta Medical Association, and Alberta’s regional health authorities. POSP director David Ulis says that, in 2007, as part of ongoing, routine negotiations, the partners agreed to select up to three vendors through an RFP and to undergo a dramatic change in the technical and functional requirements and capabilities. “It takes a lot more time to work with multiple players to deliver fully integrated interoperable solutions,” Ulis says. “There’s just too many different people with too many different agendas doing too many different things. That was the message around our table.”

Med-Access, Practice Solutions and Wolf Medical met the RFP criteria and have since signed master services agreements to reflect commitments required under the RFP, and they’re currently undergoing conformance testing to assure POSP they can keep their promises. At more than 500 pages, the RFP demands an ASP model and a fully-integrated system that includes hardware and software, connectivity from the data centre to the physician’s office, an extra connection to reduce the likelihood of disruption, 24-hour telephone support, automatic back-up, privacy measures, data archiving for physicians who retire, guarantees of system availability, and a renewable five-year warranty on service and maintenance – all factors which spurred the winning EMR vendors to create consortia with subcontractors for internet, data hosting and other services.

“It encompasses every facet of the EMR,” Ulis says. “Physicians have made it very clear they’re tired of being IT techies and managing servers and connectivity. We wanted to make sure there was none of this situation we have all faced where the hardware guys say it’s the software and the software guys say it’s the connectivity. This isn’t just a rationalisation in the number of vendors, it’s a complete redo of the solution for an end-to-end, turnkey system. If there’s a problem, doctors have just one throat to choke.”

Alberta Medical Association president Dr. Noel Grisdale says a three-vendor, hosted system will prove cost-effective, manageable and able to help doctors meet increasingly complex needs. “If you have too many systems, there’s the potential some will fall off or be unable to meet and maintain the requirements. We want to make sure we have systems that work for our physicians so they can provide good quality care.”

Grisdale says he understands many early EMR adopters will need to change vendors in order to retain technology funding, so he wants the government to support physicians financially through the process. “It’s difficult for physicians to transition from one EMR to another. Physicians haven’t necessarily chosen to make that change, so the burden needs to be supported.”

At POSP, David Ulis says plans call for full assistance and funding for doctor migrations. “We’re currently working with physician groups to do requirement studies so they’re well-positioned to go to the vendors, tell them their requirements, and see who’s going to do the best job of meeting those requirements.”

As for funding, physicians can expect the same formula that’s currently in place, with POSP covering 70 percent of technology costs and physicians covering 30 percent. However, Ulis says POSP will take a more hands-on approach, with eligible costs and levels of service carefully defined and payment depending on government terms being met. Whereas physicians and clinics are currently reimbursed for expenditures, they will now receive an invoice, sign off if they’re satisfied with the service, pay their share, and then POSP will pay the vendor the remainder.

“It simplifies the payment process,” Ulis says. “It also says if we have dissatisfied physicians we don’t pay. In the past, some vendors did a very good job delivering service in urban areas but not in more rural areas. We’re requiring a consistent process in all areas of the province, and we will have the ability to hold back all funding until they’ve fixed any problems.”

Dr. Brendan Byrne, president of Wolf Medical Systems, says he knew his company would need partners in order to meet the specifications. “They were looking for enterprise capabilities, and none of the EMR companies can provide these on their own,” Byrne says. “The old market was like EMR 1.0, where doctors pick software on the basis of its features and then piece together the rest of the technology. Now, they’re not just choosing software, they’re choosing a total solution.”

Byrne is confident about system availability and other service issues because his company has included flow-through clauses in all of its agreements, transferring penalties and other consequences to subcontractors should disruptions occur. Partners include Telus, which will provide data centre hosting, a private wide area network and a help desk, and Calgary-based Sebo Systems, which will supply a card-based thin-client system from Sun Microsystems as part of an overall network architecture and integration package. One option will allow physicians to connect to the data centre server by simply swiping a smart-card. “They won’t have to log in or out every time they move from room to room,” Byrne says.

Among the vendors POSP didn’t select is Clinicare, which is based in Calgary, and is one of Canada’s largest EMR providers. President and CEO Dennis Niebergal says his company teamed up with at least one service partner and already had existing partnerships and capabilities, including a data centre. “We’ve been ASP-approved in Alberta since Alberta first required it,” he says. “We’re both local and ASP-certified, and we’ve also got it running for British Columbia.”

By limiting the number of players, Niebergal says, the government will reduce competition, innovation and investment in the province. Under the earlier system, he explains, vendors helped define the specifications of what an EMR should do. “We believe you get a better solution that way because you have the vendors collaborating. All the stakeholders work together and then the vendors individually perform the conformance testing and then compete on an open market.”

While POSP is reducing the number of vendors to three and moving exclusively to ASP, other provinces are more varied in their offerings. Ontario MD funds 15 vendors but limits the ASP side to three because they’re hosted through a single secure site. CEO Brian Forster says both clinic-hosted and ASP models must generally meet the same criteria, yet he sees ASP winning out as physician comfort with the hosted model increases. “It’s easier to maintain and propagate updates,” Forster says, adding there are no plans at this time to reduce in the way Alberta has. “One of the issues Alberta faces right now is data migration, and they have a fairly extensive support plan to move to the three they’ve chosen. We need to watch their experience and see what happens.” Forster adds that seven Ontario vendors hold 94 percent of the market, with a few having no users at all. “Some of these vendors may decide that it’s just not worth the continued development unless they gain market-share.”

One significant Alberta player, Jonoke Software Development, did not submit a proposal. Even though the company is based in Edmonton and has invested time and money into building its business in the province, president Jody Bevan says he did not want to guarantee system availability, which he sees as outside his control. He also questions the relative power large internet providers seem to have over the process. “Only certain internet providers can provide the kind of service that was required. If vendors decide not to work with the internet provider – well, essentially the internet providers were making the decisions as to who would be the successful vendors.”

Vince DiNinno, a family physician in Medicine Hat, says his six-doctor clinic has used Jonoke since 1994 and has no intention of switching, even if it means losing funding. “Government funding should be the last consideration in choosing an EMR,” says DiNinno, who does some volunteer consulting and development work for Jonoke and owns 10 percent of the company.

DiNinno says he would prefer the government enhance the flow of data from lab and diagnostic imaging reports and electronic prescriptions, which currently reside in hospital and laboratory databases, and make them accessible through the EMR. “It makes all the sense in the world to consolidate this data into one repository with a standardized, well published structure to facilitate data uploading and retrieval. But, rather than addressing this obvious problem, the RFP has been directed at trying to change the computer systems that sit in physicians offices.”

Ulis, meanwhile, says the RFP specifies that EMR providers must be fully interoperable with these outside data providers, through the provincial Pharmaceutical Information Network. “That’s all included,” he explains. “The vendors had to demonstrate they have the technical capability to access those databases and pull that information into the medical record.”

Ultimately, Ulis believes the new funding plan will encourage innovation and investment because the active players will have a fair chance at a significant enough market-share to make such efforts worthwhile. He adds that the new system will also be cheaper in the long run. “It will cost 20 to 25 percent less (than it does currently, per doctor),” Ulis says, adding that the RFP includes a funding cap. “We’re getting vastly more for a lot less money.”  •



2009 IT resource guide for physicians

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