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Linda Miller appointed executive director of CHIEF

TORONTO – Strong membership growth and a content-rich member experience are top priorities for CHIEF: Canada’s Health Informatics Executive Forum as Linda Miller (pictured), a former Alberta Health and Wellness Deputy Minister, CIO and Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) of Information Strategic Services, takes the helm as Executive Director.

“The 2011-2014 Strategic Plan has been developed for CHIEF,” commented Miller. “The new plan builds on the past with a view to enhance the membership benefits with programs tailored to the needs of key decision-makers. The intent is for CHIEF to become a well-respected interactive, trusted environment for the most senior health leaders, from major healthcare organizations and industry alike.”

She added that, “CHIEF programs and services will provide opportunities for thought leadership, the exchange of best practices and the advancement of professional development at senior levels. Being a member of CHIEF will provide an opportunity to impact the agenda for the effective use of information management/technology in improving healthcare in Canada.”

CHIEF was launched as a forum of COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association in 2009.

Miller was appointed CHIEF Executive Director as of April 1, 2011.

Two of the goals in the Strategic Plan focus on growth, in terms of building both a strong, influential Executive and Associate membership and a strong, diverse, balanced and influential Institute membership from industry. There are currently 48 Executive and 11 Institute members.

Providing a content-rich experience, including opportunities for dialogue and collaboration related to current and anticipated issues in the use of health information and technology in Canada, is another primary focus for the next three years. CHIEF will continue to be a “safe environment” for members as they actively engage in leading, learning and influencing others through the exchange of dialogue and information and, in doing so, build capacity for tomorrow’s leaders.

The Alberta healthcare CIO for four years, Linda brings keen insight into the unique role of CHIEF members and their contribution to healthcare. A strategic leader, astute executive and team player, she has a wealth of experience in dealing with complex large-scale systems (i.e. the provincial EHR), developing and implementing policy, working in highly complex multi-stakeholder environments and influencing national health and information technology direction within the realities of healthcare delivery.

In her ADM role, she was responsible for leading the strategic planning process for new information system development in the ministry and for overseeing provincial implementation of the EHR.

“The entire COACH team is excited to have the caliber, experience and expertise in the person of Linda Miller joining us as Executive Director of CHIEF," COACH CEO Don Newsham noted enthusiastically. "Linda’s talents and contributions to healthcare make her a highly valued addition to our executive management team."

Highly respected by senior healthcare executives across Canada, Linda has been closely involved with CHIEF since its inception both as a member of the Advisory Committee, providing direction for the forum, and as the 2008-10 President and Board Chair of COACH. Linda has earned her Masters of Health Services Administration, Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing and Certificate in Information Technology Management from the University of Alberta.

CHIEF provides an effective access channel to thought leaders and expert-level knowledge, both nationally and internationally, facilitating career advancement of Canadian health informatics leaders. CHIEF's Mission is to address critical business issues, build leadership capacity, forge relationships, enable peer dialogue, support succession and maximize professional development time for health informatics executive members in Canada. CHIEF is brought to you by COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association.

Posted April 21, 2011