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Supply chain

New solution features RFID and voice technology

AMOS and LAVAL, Que. – Hôtel-Dieu d’Amos and Logi-D have announced that they have completed the implementation of the Logi-D 2BIN-iD and PA-iD solutions in the hospital’s operating room. In doing so, they have provided Hôtel-Dieu d’Amos with an automated replenishment system for medical supplies.

The system features leading-edge RFID and voice-directed technologies. At the heart of the system is LogiDATA-iD, a one-of-a-kind software application that creates a data exchange network with the hospital’s material management information system.

Internationally recognized 2BIN-iD, a two-bin RFID replenishment system inspired by lean inventory management methods, optimizes supply replenishment processes while eliminating inventory counts and manual data gathering.

For its part, PA-iD accelerates and facilitates the process involved in putting supplies away by guiding employees through the activity using voice-directed technology. When the two solutions are combined, as has been done at Hôtel-Dieu d’Amos, they form a complete system that automates the entire replenishment cycle. In addition, PA-iD suggests ways the user can optimize the two-bin RFID replenishment system.

The placement of supplies in storage areas is an integral aspect of the replenishment process. It takes time and is usually based on the experience of employees, both in terms of product knowledge and familiarity with supply storage locations.

“With PA-iD, staff with little or no experience in supply replenishment or with limited
knowledge of where supplies should be stored can easily handle this task after just one short training session. The hospital can therefore reduce the disruptions caused by employee absences, more easily integrate new staff, and prevent supplies from being put away in the wrong locations,” explains Richard Philippe, Founder and President of Logi-D.

“We are delighted with this project; it demonstrates, for example, that the gains associated with automating the supply chain are not limited to large hospitals.”

Jaquelin Labonville, Operating Room Head Nurse at Hôtel-Dieu d’Amos, agrees: “With 2BIN-iD and PA-iD, both of which are systems accessible to a regional hospital such as ours, the replenishment of the operating room will be carried out in a fast and straightforward way. The voice-directed technology will mean that the employees putting medical supplies away will need only to listen and follow simple instructions in order to know where to place the items. Our clinical staff knows that the right products will be in the right location and therefore easy to retrieve.”

About Hôtel-Dieu d’Amos
Hôtel-Dieu d’Amos, 600 kilometers north of Montreal, is a 96-bed hospital offering general and specialized care and employing 52 specialists and 37 general practitioners. In addition to its basic and regional specialties (ENT, neurology and oncology), Hôtel-Dieu d’Amos is a level II trauma center offering regional specialties that include orthopedic traumatology; thoracic, vascular and plastic surgery; and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Hôtel-Dieu d'Amos has also been a teaching hospital for a number of years and is the regional center for organ removal.

About Logi-D
Logi-D is a leading provider of innovative hospital supply chain automation solutions and the inventor of the internationally recognized RFID-enabled two-bin replenishment concept, known under the 2BIN-iD brand. Logi-D has developed the iD suite of solutions, which integrate cutting-edge technologies, such as RFID and voice, and storage equipment and services that streamline materials management processes from warehouse to point of use. These solutions are the result of extensive research of best practices in supply chain management, both in healthcare and other industries. They represent the broadest and most integrated suite of supply chain automation solutions currently available to hospitals. Also encompassing comprehensive transformation services, from conception to completion, the Logi-D offering optimizes inventory, substantially improves productivity, and lowers overall costs, resulting in an industry-leading return on investment. For more information about Logi-D, please visit

Posted June 2, 2011