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Gary Folker joins Orion as senior VP

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – As Canada moves toward a more complete pan-Canadian health record, Orion Health, Inc., global leaders in Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) solutions, welcomes 30-year veteran Gary Folker as senior vice president of Orion Health Canada.

Mr. Folker (pictured) joins a highly regarded team of professionals to provide increased market awareness and to plan and execute a growth strategy for the business. Six of Canada’s 10 provinces already use Orion Health technology for health information exchange and the company is one of Canada Health Infoway’s preferred solution providers.

Mr. Folker says his aim is to help Canadian healthcare providers enable the flow of information to and from the provincial systems. “By connecting healthcare systems, information pockets are linked and it becomes easier to manage patient populations,” says Mr. Folker. “In Canada, chronic diseases and an aging population are key challenges that require technology advancements to assist clinicians in providing improved care.

“By proactively engaging patients across the care continuum, caregivers can deliver improved care outcomes and long-term population wellness. Orion Health is a company of great people, excellent products and services, and has a defined vision for the future.”

Paul Viskovich, Orion Health’s president, North America, says the appointment is a strategic step in evolving Orion Health’s senior leadership worldwide and strengthening support for the projected growth in the Canadian market.

“One word to describe the Canadian healthcare market over the next five years is ‘connected,’” says Mr. Viskovich. “Hospitals are motivated to improve the quality of care, reduce wait times and improve patient safety. By providing clinically attuned software and flexible infrastructure, Orion Health can help connect these remaining patient data systems and bring real-world usefulness and fresh capabilities to healthcare organizations.”

Mr. Folker is respected in the Canadian healthcare market as a consummate expert on information management. He not only brings business acumen to Orion Health, but also a high level of subject-matter expertise.

Mr. Folker most recently served as managing director for xwave (a Bell Company) and prior to that was COO at Salumatics. He is an active member and serves on the board of ITAC Health of Canada, a vendor organization with more than 100 members that are actively involved in the health sector. ITAC Health promotes the role its members can play in establishing the Canadian healthcare industry as a global leader.

“Technology is changing fast and patient-managed care is becoming the key component of where this market is going,” says Mr. Folker. “Orion Health understands that flexible technology which helps organizations plug in and future-proof their systems is essential, while also allowing organizations the ability to deliver timely information to the right places with speed, reliability and accuracy.”

Orion Health has strengthened its position significantly in the past year, experiencing growth in both revenue and team members, growing its staff by more than 50 percent in fiscal year 2010-2011. Revenue for the first half of the 2010-2011 fiscal year was up 80 percent on the same period last year.

Orion Health recently placed number 64 on the HCI 100 list, and has an industry-leading record of 22 Health Information Exchange and Electronic Health Record sites across 12 countries, bringing diverse, proven and innovative performance to its current set of solution offerings.

About Orion Health Inc.
Orion Health is a leading Health Information Exchange (HIE) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution provider with expertise in clinical workflow and integration technology for the healthcare sector. Orion Health’s easy-to-use solutions and applications improve patient care and clinical decision making by enabling the exchange of healthcare information among disparate systems and providing integrated health data in a single, unified view. By extending existing healthcare information systems, the Orion Health Rhapsody Integration Engine, recently registered as a Class I Medical Device with the FDA, and workflow solutions provide healthcare workers with easy access to patient data and trends, and reduce errors and omissions by streamlining information transfer. The HIE and EHR also supports Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) continuing their goal of improved care coordination, cost savings and better quality of care.

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Posted July 14, 2011