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OTN expands into Internet home telehealth

TORONTO – Vidyo, Inc., of Hackensack, N.J., announced that the Ontario Telemedicine Network will use the Vidyo platform to create a tele-home health network which will interoperate with OTN’s existing videoconferencing network and extend the reach of its telehealth services into patient homes.

OTN is used in nearly every hospital and hundreds of other healthcare locations across Ontario. Using its systems, more than 134,000 clinical consultations were conducted over the past year. OTN expects to roll out the Vidyo-based network to thousands more patients and providers throughout the province over the next three years.

“Thousands of healthcare professionals use OTN to deliver care across the province,” said Dr. Ed Brown (pictured), CEO of OTN. “Most of our current endpoints are hosted on a private network, but in order to expand our program into patients’ homes and the broader community, we needed a video conferencing solution that operates securely over the Internet, so that it can be accessed via laptops and desktop computers by both healthcare providers and tele-homecare patients.

“We need a solution that is cost-effective, scalable and boasts high video quality, among other things. But we also need a solution that is highly interoperable so that it can work with our existing, older systems. After an exhaustive evaluation of solutions, we determined that Vidyo was the preferred solution that met, and exceeded our requirements.”

Integration with OTN’s existing state-of-the-art scheduling and telemedicine workflow software was easily accomplished, the company said, since Vidyo’s rich APIs allow service providers to customize and integrate with their unique, individual systems.

Vidyo was also able to provide seamless operation on both OTN’s private and public networks, as well as firewall traversal capabilities which made Vidyo “service provider ready,” secure, scalable, and simple to manage and deploy.

“OTN’s choice of Vidyo for their new home care and PC-based telehealth video communications is further evidence of their industry leading vision,” said Ofer Shapiro, Vidyo’s CEO and co-founder. “They recognized that for medical practitioners to connect with home-based patients and remotely-located facilities, their telemedicine solution would need to deliver telepresence-quality, natural communications over the Internet and other non-QoS networks.

“Ultimately, OTN found that Vidyo is the only communication and collaboration platform scalable and interoperable enough to easily expand the reach and the types of high quality services needed for a variety of different endpoints and environments: a wide range of patients, practitioners, clinics and hospitals – and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.”

Earlier this year, the Partners Healthcare Telestroke Program at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) – supporting 27 hospitals throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine – announced it would use the Vidyo platform. The Vidyo telehealth solution will be used for video conferencing and sharing data to enable specialists from MGH to examine patients at remote hospitals miles away to diagnose and recommend treatments. MGH selected Vidyo for the next stage of its telestroke program.

The Vidyo Difference
VidyoHealth is said to be an affordable scalable telemedicine videoconferencing suite that leverages the Internet and other general purpose IP networks, for a broad range of applications such as telepsychiatry, home-health and eldercare, speech therapy, and specialist consultations. By eliminating the need for a dedicated telehealth network infrastructure, VidyoHealth easily and effectively reduces costs while enabling doctor-patient and doctor-doctor video communication and collaboration, regardless of location. VidyoHealth is a secure, complete solution that delivers telepresence-quality telemedicine applications on PC and Mac desktops and laptops, HD room systems, medical carts and consoles.

About Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN)
OTN is one of the largest and most active telemedicine networks in the world, using two-way videoconferencing and other technologies to provide access to care for patients in hundreds of health care locations across the province. OTN also facilitates the delivery of distance education and meetings for health care professionals and patients. OTN is an independent organization funded by the Government of Ontario. For more information, go to or follow us on Twitter, @OTNtelemedicine.

About Vidyo, Inc.
Vidyo, Inc. pioneered Personal Telepresence enabling natural, HD multi-point videoconferences on tablets and smart phones, PCs and Macs, room systems, gateways that interoperate with H.323 and SIP endpoints, telepresence solutions and affordable cloud-based broadcast solutions. Learn more at, on the Blog or follow @vidyo on Twitter.

Posted August 11, 2011