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Two GTA hospitals implement Novari system

RICHMOND HILL, Ont. – York Central Hospital (YCH) and Southlake Regional Health Centre (SRHC) are implementing the Novari Surgical Access system for wait list management, remote electronic OR bookings and automated provincial wait times reporting.

Hospitals and specialists across the country face many challenges in improving access to surgical care and reporting wait times to provincial and federal authorities. To this day, many specialists have outdated wait list capabilities in their offices. When it’s time to book a patient in the OR, or other hospital units, they send lengthy hard copy documents either by fax or mail. The hospital booking offices that receive these hard copy documents must then manually enter and process thousands of bookings. This is compounded in most provinces by the requirement of physicians and hospitals to report wait times to federal and provincial authorities.

Recognizing the inefficiencies of the current state and the negative impact on timely patient access to care, YCH and SRHC looked for an alternative approach. This search led them to Novari Health’s web-based Novari Surgical Access with Smart Wait system. After a comprehensive review of the product, Novari’s system was selected as a proven commercial off the shelf solution (COTS). Now in use in three provinces, the Novari system electronically connects the specialist offices with hospital Information Service systems and automates wait times reporting.

The software will be installed on servers leveraged by both hospitals along with local physician offices. The system will be integrated with the hospitals’ admission discharge and transfer (ADT) systems, scheduling systems and the Ontario provincial Wait Times Information System (WTIS).

Automating wait times reporting has many benefits both for the physician offices and the provincial wait list registries. Among the many benefits of this new technology is the significant time and resources saved by physician offices in reporting wait times that was previously spent completing additional paper forms, or logging into a wait times web site and registering individual cases. The provincial registries also benefit by more accurate and timely electronic submission of important wait times data and improved compliance.

“This is a win-win for our hospitals and affiliated physicians. We will all benefit from the increased efficiency, accuracy and timeliness of the Novari system. Most importantly though, it will help us provide more timely access for our surgery patients,” says Diane Salois-Swallow, Chief Information Officer for York Central, Southlake and Stevenson Memorial Hospitals.

John Sinclair (pictured above), Vice President, Novari Health said, “The Novari team is more than pleased to have York Central Hospital and Southlake Regional Health Centre as Novari Surgical Access clients. These hospitals are taking a substantial step towards improving patient access to timely care, addressing inefficiencies and leveraging technology to integrate their physician offices with the hospital.”

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613.531.3008 ext. 206

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Posted August 25, 2011