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Tele-pharmacy system passes Ontario pharma regulations

TORONTO – PCAS Patient Care Automation Services Inc has announced that the first PharmaTrust MedCentre remote dispensing unit – owned and operated by Touchpoint Pharmacy, an affiliate of PCAS – has received approval from the Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP).

This represents the first approval for a pharmacist-controlled, user-interactive remote dispensing unit under the regulations passed by the Government of Ontario in March, 2011. Touchpoint Pharmacy in Oakville, Ontario, was visited by OCP inspectors on August 3, who assessed the PharmaTrust MedCentre against the OCP’s new remote dispensing standards.

“This truly is an historic event for the profession of pharmacy, and we are proud that Canadian pharmacists are leading the way in innovative pharmacy practice globally,” said Sunny Lalli, RPh, Director of Pharmacy at PharmaTrust. “We would like to thank the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Ontario College of Pharmacists for their tireless efforts and support in bringing this revolutionary Canadian-made pharmacy solution to Ontario residents.”

The PharmaTrust MedCentre, operated by Touchpoint Pharmacy, facilitates enhanced face to face interaction between the pharmacist and their patients. The flexibility of the system allows for greater access to pharmaceutical care by offering the potential to bring pharmacy services closer to the point of prescribing, areas of greater convenience and currently underserviced remote locations in Ontario.

“The amendment of Touchpoint Pharmacy’s certificate of accreditation to allow operation of the PharmaTrust MedCentre paves the way for us to bring unique services to the public, and our pharmacists can now make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in our care,” added Mr. Lalli. “This is a hugely important project, and everyone at PharmaTrust and Touchpoint Pharmacy are excited to be working at the cutting edge of pharmacy innovation.”

In addition to the Oakville location, state-of-the-art PharmaTrust MedCentres are in operation at various hospitals in Ontario, including Sunnybrook’s Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre.

“Our MedCentre helps pharmacists enhance the patient experience, while extending their reach and caring for their patients in a more convenient and efficient way. I am truly thrilled to see this technology take its place alongside traditional models of pharmacy practice,” said David Gibbins, Executive Chairman of PCAS.

“The accreditation is a significant event for PCAS, its founders, shareholders, employees, and the myriad of supporters who have worked tirelessly to overcome many hurdles. The vision and drive that has brought the original concept of our technology to this fully functional commercial solution is a huge credit to all those involved, and I wish to congratulate and thank them all for their determination and hard work.”

Mr. Gibbins added: “This revolutionary Canadian technology is the kind of success story that supports both provincial and federal government mandates to create a sustainable Canadian economy, creating jobs and adding to Canada’s reputation as a leader in the field of innovation. And, while this milestone marks the beginning of the commercialization of our PharmaTrust MedCentre product, it is not the end of our innovation. We are delighted with this step forward, and are equally enthusiastic about the suite of innovative patient care offerings that we have planned for the future.”

About PCAS Patient Care Automation Services Inc.
PCAS Patient Care Automation Services Inc. is a healthcare technology company based in Oakville, Ontario. PCAS’ wholly-owned subsidiary, PharmaTrust Corp. develops and manufactures remote healthcare products.

About Touchpoint Pharmacy
Touchpoint Pharmacy is a pharmacist-led, technology-driven reinvention of pharmacy and healthcare services for the 21st century. Touchpoint Pharmacy connects patients with pharmacy and healthcare services where they have never existed before; empowers patients to experience focused, personalized and uninterrupted time with a pharmacist; and enhances quality in the pharmacy experience to improve medication adherence and patient outcomes. The company is based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

About PharmaTrust Corp.
PharmaTrust Corp. develops and manufactures remote healthcare solutions that utilize state-of-the-art technologies to improve the economics of pharmacy distribution and primary care delivery. PharmaTrust Corp. enables partners to deliver better patient outcomes at lower cost and create profitable new business offerings and revenue streams in a competitive marketplace. The PharmaTrust MedCentre™ is a complete pharmacist controlled, patient-interactive remote prescription dispensing unit. It uses state-of-the art robotics and scanning technologies to provide “24/7” face-to-face patient-pharmacist video consultation and immediate prescription dispensing to enable pharmacies everywhere, without the barriers of time, distance, language or costs of traditional pharmacies.

Posted September 8, 2011