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Supply chain

Computer vision used in hospital supply chain

MONTREAL – Logi-D, a developer of automated supply-chain solutions for the healthcare sector, has announced VC-iD, a solution that uses computer vision to optimize hospital material management processes, improve value streams within service lines, and reduce overall costs.

Using a small camera mounted on storage units, VC-iD analyzes a live video stream, recognizes events, and prompts business rules in software applications.

In other words, it instantly detects whether bins are empty and automatically triggers replenishment requests before critical thresholds are met. It thus removes human intervention from the data capture process and, when combined with the lean kanban two-bin replenishment system, also answers the traceability question of who picked and returned what for which patient.

Accurate demand data at the front-end of the supply chain is imperative to avoiding costly and disruptive stock-outs that lead to just-in-case excess inventory. Dependency on user compliance and the manual assessment of supply needs can lead to inaccuracies.

The VC-iD solution resolves these issues, provides reliable data, and allows a significant number of FTEs to be redeployed to more value-added activities, thus optimizing value streams while reducing operating costs.

VC-iD will be showcased on November 7 & 8 at HeatlhAchieve 2011 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, booth #1213.

About Logi-D
LogiD is a leading provider of innovative hospital supply chain automation solutions and the inventor of the internationally recognized RFIDenabled twobin replenishment concept, known under the 2BIN-iD brand. Logi-D has developed the iD suite of solutions, which integrate cutting-edge technologies, such as RFID, voice and video recognition, as well as storage equipment and services that streamline materials management processes from warehouse to point of use. These solutions are the result of extensive research of best practices in supply chain management, both in healthcare and other industries. They represent the broadest and most integrated suite of supply chain automation solutions currently available to hospitals. Also encompassing comprehensive transformation services, from conception to completion, the Logi-D offering optimizes inventory, substantially improves productivity, and lowers overall costs, resulting in an industry-leading return on investment.

Posted October 20, 2011