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Med2020 partners with NRC to create new coding product

OTTAWA – Med2020 Health Care Software Inc., a Canadian pioneer in Health Information Management solutions has announced the launch of Med2020 codeSmart, a computer-assisted coding tool developed in collaboration with the National Research Council Institute for Information Technology (NRC-IIT).

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze and convert speech to text, Med2020 codeSmart is designed to facilitate automation of the coding processes for Health Records departments in hospitals across Canada.

Med2020 leveraged the expertise of NRC’s award-winning research team – which recently outperformed 40 teams from four continents at the i2b2 medical text mining competition.

Med2020’s decision to work with the NRC-IIT was the result of recognizing that in order to solve the challenges hospitals face in overcoming coding backlogs, coder shortages and improving efficiencies, an automated tool was needed.

“We’re excited to introduce this product to market as we know automating coding processes will reduce turnaround times, which is a major issue for many hospitals,” said Eric Sparks, Chief Executive Officer at Med2020. “Med2020 codeSmart allows the coder to ‘code smart’ – being prompted with a code they can then review and approve, enabling faster submission times with improved consistency, enhanced accuracy and data quality.”

Dr. Joel Martin, project lead for the NRC-IIT, said “Med2020 codeSmart comprises sophisticated technology that demonstrates how artificial intelligence, in the form of speech recognition and natural language processing, can recognize speech and convert it to text in a meaningful way so that it has a real and practical application in hospitals.

“The role of the NRC-IIT is to encourage new technological developments and work with Canadian businesses to help them achieve their goals. We were confident that we could assist Med2020 in developing a coding tool that could meet many coding needs within the HIM community.”

Med2020 codeSmart is a solution that helps solve coding efficiency challenges, promotes faster direct patient care by expediting completion of coded information and potentially generates significant cost savings.

About Med2020 Health Care Software Inc.
Med2020 is a leading provider of modular health information management solutions for the healthcare industry and is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Solutions are offered to assist in capturing, reporting and analyzing health data to support enhanced information sharing, encourage informed decision making and streamline facility operations. Med2020’s flagship product, WinRecs, is installed in more than 50% of hospital sites across Canada (according to independent market research). For more information, please visit

Posted November 3, 2011