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Winners announced at annual CHIA gala

TORONTO – The winners of the annual Canadian Health Informatics Awards were announced at a gala event in November, held at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel. The gala is co-hosted by ITAC Health, the Information Technology Association of Canada, and COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association.

Celebrating the outstanding achievements and excellence in the Canadian Health Informatics industry, the CHIA Gala recognizes and honours the contributions of individuals and companies in the efficient use of information technology to improve the health of all Canadians.

The winners were:
• Leadership in the Field of Health Informatics
Dominic Covvey (pictured), University of Waterloo,
National Institutes of Health Informatics, Author

• Community-Based Physician Leader/Innovator
Presented by the Canadian Medical Association
Dr. Mike Wadden, Doctors Nova Scotia

• Clinician Leadership
Dr. Michael Harlos, Canadian Virtual Hospice,
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, University
of Manitoba

• Innovation in the Adoption of Health Informatics
North York General Hospital eCare Project

• Project Team – Implementation
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
& Healthtech Consultants – Project EASIER

• Project Team – Patient Care Innovation
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
& Healthtech Consultants – Project EASIER

• Steven Huesing Graduate Scholarship
Justin St. Maurice, University of Victoria

• Corporate Citizenship

• Emerging Leader in Health Informatics
Alison MacDonald,
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

• Project Team – Innovation & Care Delivery
North York General Hospital eCare Project Team
& Cerner Corporation

• Telehealth Technology Innovation
(Presented by TELUS Health Solutions)
Horizon Health Network Home Monitoring

• Steven Huesing Undergraduate Scholarship
Thivaher Paromsothy, University of Waterloo

“The 2011 Gala has once again proved that health informatics is making both innovative and practical contributions to improving the quality of healthcare delivery for Canadians,” said Michael Green, Chair, ITAC Health. “This year’s award winners and nominees show an admirable mix of ingenuity, dedication and enthusiasm to solutions that positively impact the efficiency of our healthcare system and place Canadian healthcare IT at the leading edge globally.”

“The awards are a rare opportunity for peers to salute the remarkable progress and accomplishments taking place in the HI profession,” said Lydia Lee, President and Board Chair, COACH. “This year, COACH is delighted to enhance recognition for healthcare providers through the new Clinician Leadership Award. At this time, I extend warm congratulations to all award winners and nominees, as well as the many people who took the time to prepare nominations.”

Posted November 17, 2011