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HP partners with GlobalMed in telemedicine

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – GlobalMed has introduced three new mobile telemedicine carts and a tablet PC solution powered by HP Workstations and EliteBook PCs that will bring doctors and patients together for clinical healthcare at a distance.

The GlobalMed i8500 Series Mobile Telemedicine Carts powered by HP combine the power of the HP Z210 SFF (Small Form Factor) Workstations with HP L2105 Widescreen LCD Touchscreen monitors in a telemedicine cart that clinics can use to connect to other healthcare professionals around the world.

“Prior to telemedicine products like the GlobalMed carts, even the most acute cases of suspected cardiac problems were transferred outside of local clinics,” said Joel E. Barthelemy, managing director of GlobalMed. “We’ve had one hospital report $560,000 in savings within six months of deploying our telemedicine carts by reducing transfer fees.”

The GlobalMed General Practice Cart powered by HP and GlobalMed Specialty Cart powered by HP come equipped with the TotalExam camera for close-up patient examinations, a digital stethoscope to hear high-quality real-time medical sounds remotely, and CapSure image automation software to measure, annotate, and time/date stamp examination images. The GlobalMed Specialty Cart powered by HP also includes a TotalENT otoscope for high-quality digital video.

The GlobalMed Educational Cart powered by HP offers a larger 42” HP monitor, making it ideal for patient and physician education programs. The large screen allows clinicians to gather in groups for continuing medical education classes, and lets practitioners connect more closely with patients in remote telehealth evaluations. The GlobalMed Endpoint Tablet PC 2760p allows physicians or specialists to view CapSure images through CONi Services remotely, allowing them to consult with patients from their home or remote office.

With the use of the i8500 Series Telemedicine Carts, specialists and physicians in urban areas can provide care to remote clinics and practices telemedically, which reduces the frequency of patient transfers, and eliminates the need for patients to travel long distances to receive sufficient care.

“Using our workstations and displays as the foundation, HP is partnering with GlobalMed to change the way patients are treated and seen,” said Chris Mertens, vice president, Healthcare, Personal Systems Group, HP. “Combining the reliability and stability of HP Workstations with HP’s quality testing and certification processes makes the i8500 series a great choice for healthcare providers looking to connect to other facilities around the world.”

Industry-leading design and performance
All of the GlobalMed Telemedicine Carts powered by HP are tested and certified to perform with the top medical software solutions and peripheral devices. The HP Z210 SFF Workstations with Intel i5/i7 processors deliver performance and reliability that is ideal for medical imaging. The HP L2105 Widescreen LCD Touchscreen monitors advance the ease of use of GlobalMed’s peripherals and image automation and viewing software.

GlobalMed’s Mobile Telemedicine Carts have quickly become the telemedicine industry standard due to their ergonomic design, anti-microbial work surface, and five-star, large wheel base that allows easy movement across any surface or threshold.

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Posted January 12, 2012