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Joseph Brant awards credentialing contract to VCS

BURLINGTON, Ont. – Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital (JMBH) announced that a three-year contract has been awarded to Toronto-based Vendor Credentialing Services Canada (VCS). Under the contract, VCS will provide the hospital with credentialing, compliance and access program for vendors.

As part of a comprehensive approach to the improvement of patient and community safety, the system will allow JBMH to ensure that all employees of third party vendors have met their credentialing, vaccination, patient privacy training and job-specific training criteria. It will also provide the hospital with detailed information regarding who was in the hospital, when they were there and for what purpose.

“We are very happy with our new partnership with VCS and look forward to working with them,” said Eric Vandewall (pictured), President & CEO, Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital. “Through our partnership with VCS, we will be able to implement a best-in-class credentialing system that will enhance our ability to deliver the best possible patient experience.”

“We are extremely proud to have been selected by JBMH as their vendor credentialing supplier of choice,” said Michelle Floh, CEO, VCS Canada. “The vision of JBMH – one that puts a clear priority upon patient safety – will progressively define healthcare in Canada. It is this perspective that will shift the burden of compliance for patient safety and privacy to the vendors and away from the hospital. At VCS, we believe that vendors and third party suppliers should be the ones who are accountable for credentialing and compliance to emerging health standards.”

The VCS credentialing solution requires third party vendors, representatives and contractors to check in at a kiosk located at the hospital entrance. The system then checks not only that the company and representative name is correct, but also that the representative's immunizations, criminal background check, liability insurance and job-specific training are all up to date and in compliance with hospital requirements.

The vendor then receives a picture badge for easy recognition , eliminating unauthorized vendors or service people from entering, including people who may have expired insurance, out of date immunizations, or other violations of hospital compliance codes. VCS says it is the only Canadian credentialing, training and access system currently available.

“VCS Canada aligns with our efforts to improve quality of care of our patients by credentialing and tracking our vendors free of charge to the hospital. In turn, vendors and third party suppliers will pay minimal fees for credentialing and subsequent training,” added Gord Savelli, Director, Hospital Support Services at Joseph Brand Memorial Hospital.

It is expected that all vendors will be registered and have received required training by April 30th 2012.

About Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital
At JBMH, we are committed to providing safe, quality care and great service to our community, patients and families. The hospital serves over 250,000 residents from Halton and Hamilton, including Stoney Creek, Waterdown and Flamborough.

About VCS Canada
Vendor Credentialing Services Canada is a Canadian vendor management company that protects institutions through credentialing, training and monitoring vendors. Though the need for credentialing is most clearly articulated within hospitals, VCS Canada can and will continue to address the emerging requirements for credentialing in all relevant markets.

Posted February 9, 2012