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Mobile healthcare

Mobile app helps users locate health services in B.C.

VICTORIA – British Columbia has released a mobile application that allows people to locate a range of health services in the province using an iPhone, iPad or iPod. “We are combining government data with technology to make our health system easily accessible to a wide range of users,” said Health Minister Michael de Jong.

“Whether you’re a tourist in your own province or a visitor from out of province, this app has important health information that is up to date and relevant if you need to quickly locate a walk-in clinic, emergency department or after-hours pharmacy.”

The BC Health Service Locator app lets people find walk-in clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, immunization clinics and after-hours pharmacies nearby. Mobile users can filter the results to view a particular type of health service, such as walk-in clinics, or wheelchair-accessible locations.

“By using government data and innovative technologies such as mobile applications, we can provide better service to people,” said Dr. Margaret MacDiarmid, Minister of Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government. “The new BC Health Service Locator app is the result of harnessing technology and adopting our open government policies here in B.C.”

The app uses Google mapping technology to locate local health services. The Province of British Columbia now has a designated area in iTunes App Store for the BC Health Service Locator app and any future iOS apps developed by the B.C. government.

To download the app, visit:
To watch a video on how to use the app, visit:

The keyword search provides the opportunity to view results in different locations or find a particular type of health service. Details attached to the locations include the health service description, hours of operation, contact information and address.

Users can view the latest health alerts posted on the HealthLinkBC site from within the app, and have instant access to call 8-1-1 for non-emergency health information and 7-1-1 for hearing-impaired assistance. This app is designed for more immediate, non-emergency medical assistance and information. For immediate emergency help, it is best to always call 9-1-1.

The BC Health Service Locator app was created by HealthLinkBC and is available only through the iTunes App Store. The province is currently working on ways to make this app available to all mobile platforms.

By using volunteers to help develop the app, the province minimized development costs, making the project more affordable, and making it easier for the provincial government to take the leap into the world of mobile app development.

The BC Health Services Locator app builds on the province’s range of initiatives to make the health system more accessible – such as calling HealthLinkBC 24/7 at 8-1-1 to access a registered nurse or dietitian or the new surgical wait times web sites at

Posted February 23, 2012