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Physician IT

Additional ASP solutions chosen by OntarioMD

TORONTO – OntarioMD has announced the selection of two new CMS ASP offerings – Nightingale on Demand, from Nightingale Informatix Corp., and PS Suite, from Practice Solutions Software Inc.

Nightingale Informatix Corp. and Practice Solutions Software Inc. have each signed an agreement with OntarioMD. Having completed the first step in the certification process, each vendor is now working with Smart Systems for Health Agency (SSHA) to plan for the implementation of their offering in the SSHA environment and will be entering into negotiations with SSHA to agree upon the terms for the provision of SSHA Information Technology (IT) services.

Once implemented, the offerings will have to be certified by OntarioMD and will be required to go through testing to ensure they meet all the requirements.

The offerings will be funding-eligible for physicians through the Physician IT Program when they complete all the steps in the certification process. At that time they will be added to the existing funding eligible offerings, which include 19 certified local solutions and one ASP.

Until then, funding eligible physicians who would like to select one of the newly selected offerings may begin to prepare the Letter of Intent. The Letter of Intent will be processed once each offering is certified by OntarioMD.

For its part, OntarioMD Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of the OMA and is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. OntarioMD promotes the use of Clinical Management Systems in physicians’ practices, as well as connecting Ontario physicians to each other and other healthcare providers.

“This agreement is a significant milestone for Nightingale,” said Sam Chebib, President and CEO of Nightingale. “There are more than 22,000 physicians in Ontario, and studies show that the adoption rate for EMR is currently less than 20%. As the adoption of EMR gains momentum across Ontario and government funding becomes increasingly available, we believe this agreement will position us to capture a significant share of the market and accelerate our growth over the next two to five years.”

Currently, total funding available through the Physician IT Program is up to $28,600 per physician, over three years. The OMA has obtained funding for up to 2,700 physicians to date and hopes to work with the MOHLTC in Ontario to drive further funding initiatives that will enable physicians across the province to implement CMS.

Practice Solutions Suite ASP offering was one of the top two offerings from 12 vendors who submitted proposals to OntarioMD. A third CMS ASP offering – from xwave – was approved in 2005; all three offerings received a 15-year license under the Physician IT Program.

“We see the selection of the Practice Solutions Suite ASP by OntarioMD as a tremendous step that enhances patient care – not only in Ontario, but across Canada,” said Rob Thorpe, President of Practice Solutions Software. “Practice Solutions Suite is a well-recognized and trusted CMS Offering and has consistently set the bar high in terms of the most successful and satisfied implementations.”

Practice Solutions Suite ASP is backed by the Canadian Medical Association and is designed for doctors by doctors, the company said, adding that Practice Solutions Suite ASP is the only CMS to operate seamlessly on PC or Mac platforms.

”We offer a version of Practice Solutions Suite to meet every practitioner’s level of satisfaction, comfort and need in adopting electronic medical records and clinical management systems,” said Mr. Thorpe. “Our comprehensive training program helps physicians and their staff transition effortlessly from paper to electronic records. New users are able to use core features within hours because the CMS has a very familiar look and feel to the paper records they have always used.”