Alberta Health Services announces new President and CEO

Vickie KaminskiEDMONTON – Alberta Health Services has announced the appointment of Vickie Kaminski (pictured) as president and Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Kaminski, a Registered Nurse, is currently the president and Chief Executive Officer at the Eastern Regional Health Authority in Newfoundland and Labrador, the province’s largest health authority.

She officially takes on the role of AHS CEO on June 2. Ms. Kaminski will spend time in Alberta prior to her official start date, to meet with stakeholders and transition into the role.

“This appointment is the result of an extensive search that resulted in a number of excellent candidates,” said Dr. John Cowell, AHS’ Official Administrator. “Ms. Kaminski demonstrates a vision for healthcare that is aligned with our commitment to providing Albertans with high quality care. We are pleased to find an excellent Canadian leader. We are looking forward to her arrival and for her, in collaboration with the others on the leadership team, to continue to build a health system that is second to none.”

“I am excited to join Alberta Health Services and to build on the foundation that has been created to date,” said Ms. Kaminski. “This is a wonderful opportunity to further strengthen relationships with key stakeholders in Alberta and to create a healthcare system that is open and responsive to all Albertans.”

Ms. Kaminski is a native of Sudbury, Ontario. She is a senior healthcare executive with more than 35 years of experience in the Canadian healthcare system.

She is a graduate in nursing from Laurentian University and holds an MBA from Northwestern University in Chicago and York University in Toronto. She is also a member of the Canadian College of Health Services Executives; a surveyor with Accreditation Canada, and she participates in numerous provincial and national health service related committees. Prior to her role at the Eastern Regional Health Authority, she was president and CEO at Sudbury Regional Hospital.

Ms. Kaminski will receive $540,000 in annual salary, standard management and out of scope health benefits and pension benefits. She has agreed to a three-year term, renewable by mutual agreement. Her employment contract is posted at

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