Bialogics extends its radiology BI, now reaches ED

Jeff VachonVICTORIA, B.C. – The Bialogics Business Intelligence and Analytics program has now been expanded beyond the Diagnostic Imaging department to reach Emergency Departments, where it improves imaging priority and resource requirements through the use of analytics that can align with the Canadian Triage Acuity Scoring timelines.

Real-time analysis and intuitive graphics enable managers and clinical teams to align resources to requirements with rapid analysis of average examination times to meet ED priority imaging guidelines.

“By providing analysis of the image requirements coming from the ED, we are able to monitor and alert for the average times that images meet or exceed benchmarked guidelines,” said Jeff Vachon, CEO (pictured). “In this way, Diagnostic Imaging departments are better able to manage their resources and physician requirements for faster patient care and turn-around-times within the Emergency Departments.”

Biologics’ toolsets provide management insight to optimize operational performance and the patient experience within the Diagnostic Imaging Services at the Hospital, Enterprise and/or Regional Health Network level. It is a cost effective, fully intraoperative, vendor-agnostic solution that’s available in local or cloud deployment.

Bialogics DImax Radiology Analytics program provides the necessary tools which provides comprehensive Business intelligence identifying all areas of operations, procedures, resource and asset management to optimize the performance of Diagnostic Imaging and Cardiology Services.

Radiology is constantly challenged to provide the right level of resources across a multi-modality span regardless of the time or day to meet the variable demand of imaging coming from the ED department. Whether these studies are urgent in nature or demand a full hands-on complement of physicians and technologists, imaging, if not properly optimized, can lead to back-ups in Emergency Departments, delays in treatment times and patient care.

According to the company, Bialogics business Intelligence and analytics products democratizes data access, embedding the cultural adoption of clinical based analytics into management decision making, aligning clinical business strategies with the reality of Big Data.

Bialogics Analytics Inc. is a Canadian company based in Victoria, BC, with offices in Toronto, Ontario, and Laguna Niguel, California. For more information, please contact or visit

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