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An hour in the life of an influenza case

St. Michael’s Hospital infection preventionist Shara Junaid is at her desk when the phone rings. It’s the hospital lab; a patient in the Emergency Department has tested positive for Influenza A. In the past, Junaid’s next step would have been to...

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College offers degree bridging medical technology & leadership

The new medical technologies responsible for the ongoing transformation of healthcare systems are often credited, alongside incredible clinical breakthroughs, for extending both the quality of patient care and lifespans. It is also within this framework that society has come to...

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Ontario devises cloud-based triage system for EDs

TORONTO – Cancer Care Ontario is in the process of rolling out a cloud-based system for Emergency Department triage to hospitals across the province. The computerized system uses algorithms that lead to more consistent assessments of patients who present in...

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Quebec aims to link healthcare providers across province

MONTREAL – Quebec has launched a project to connect the disparate computer systems used by healthcare providers across the province. The goal is to improve information sharing among hospitals, long-term care centres and community care organizations, including physician practices. As part...

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