Former MUHC chief trampled in prison riot

Arthur PorterMONTREAL – Arthur Porter (pictured), former CEO of the McGill University Health Centre, has been injured in a prison riot in Panama, according to a report by CBC News. Porter was allegedly trampled as prisoners in La Joya prison’s Cellblock 6 fled prison officers’ tear gas and shotgun blasts.

Dr. Porter has spent 14 months in the prison, where he is fighting extradition to Canada to face charges that he defrauded the MUHC of more than $20 million.

Panama media outlets have reported that inmates were injured at La Joya prison when weapons were fired during a search in Cellblock 6. Family members have told CBC News that Porter lost consciousness during the incident.

Porter and his family also said he is suffering from an advanced, Stage IV lung cancer. He reportedly has not been receiving treatment for the cancer during his time in prison.

A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development said that the agency is aware of riots at La Joya prison. “Consular assistance is being provided, as required,” wrote Claude Rochon in an email. “To protect the privacy of the individuals concerned, further details cannot be released.”

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