Immunization records now online in Saskatchewan

Greg OttenbreitREGINA – eHealth Saskatchewan now has an easier way to track a patient’s history, particularly when it concerns immunizations and vaccinations. The online system and database known as Panorama has a single confidential record for each person who holds a Saskatchewan health card. It is accessible only to doctors and nurses.

The government said Panorama will standardize and co-ordinate vaccination programs across the province. “It’s for the patients and the parents of the patients as well, to make sure that immunizations, when they need to happen and in fact, [are] accessed,” said Rural and Remote Health Minister Greg Ottenbreit (pictured).

CBC News reported that Panorama, which has been in operation since February 2015, will also be able to track and manage the vaccine supply at a provincial level.

It can forecast demand for specific immunizations based on usage in previous years. Should any Saskatchewan resident move to another province such as Ontario or British Columbia, which have similar databases, the patient’s history will be accessible to doctors there as well.

Public health nurse Kathy Sherling said it is a more thorough system for health workers. “With paper records, you always have the chance of not being able to locate the paper when the client comes in for immunization,” Sherling said. It provides a better system for recording and monitoring immunization records.

The provincial government paid $3.6 million of the $8.7 million cost. The rest was covered by Canada Health Infoway.

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