Karos Health acquires Medical Insight

Rick StroobosscherWATERLOO, Ont. – Karos Health, a leader in standards-based clinical imaging exchange, storage and cross-enterprise workflow solutions, announced that it has acquired Medical Insight A/S. Medical Insight, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a leading provider of universal diagnostic imaging solutions.

The company’s EasyViz products use a revolutionary adaptive streaming technology for instant cross-enterprise access to large examinations and reports over low bandwidth connections. Adding complete mobility to clinical workflow and displaying of diagnostic quality images directly from any PACS or Vendor Neutral Archive –all without pre-fetching – makes it the perfect tool for primary reading, enterprise viewing, telemedicine and real-time collaborative group sessions.

According to Karos, EasyViz seamlessly integrates with 3rd-party applications such as RIS, EMR or patient portals. It is used today in many leading institutions across North America and Europe where it delivers unparalleled access to critical diagnostic imaging information at anytime, from anywhere.

Karos’ Rialto platform, combined with EasyViz, delivers a seamless solution for imaging departments and healthcare enterprises, providing our customers with a platform for clinical collaboration and rapid access to imaging information and any other clinical documents at anytime, from anywhere. The scalability, performance and comprehensive feature set delivers our vision for the future today.

“Personally I’m extremely excited. The “New” Karos Health will be in a unique position to provide best-of-breed imaging, archiving and workflow solutions from a single vendor,” says Frits Thomsen, Senior Vice President and Co-Founder of Medical Insight. “The value of our bundled solution will not be matched by any other company,” he added.

“We welcome Medical Insight to our family. EasyViz combined with our Rialto platform provides a very strong solution to accelerate our promise to our partners and customers to provide solutions for better and faster care,” says Rick Stroobosscher (pictured), President of Karos Health. “Their culture, people, customer base and operational presence in Europe made this a very appealing acquisition with a lot of synergy,” he said.

About Medical Insight
Medical Insight is an innovative software company, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a technology that revolutionizes access to medical images. Today, the EasyViz system is used in leading hospitals across North America and Europe to add complete mobility for the clinical workflow. For additional information, visit

About Karos Health
Karos Health is focused on elevating the quality of patient care by enabling the sharing and storing of clinical information. Karos’ Rialto platform empowers healthcare enterprises to enable cross community access to information, facilitating collaboration between healthcare providers and patients. Rialto is based on open standards that ensure safe and secure handling of patient health information and is backed by a team with decades of experience in healthcare interoperability. For more information about Karos, visit

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