Live streaming ultrasound for telemedicine available

Roman SolekCHELMSFORD, Mass. – AMD Global Telemedicine Inc. (AMD), the world’s leading developer of clinical Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions (TEMS) has announced the launch of live streaming ultrasound technology for telemedicine applications.

The technology is a result of collaborative development efforts between Interson Corporation and AMD Global Telemedicine to enable real-time ultrasound video directly inside AGNES Interactive patient encounter management software.

The integration of ultrasound technology inside the AGNES platform marks another milestone of medical device integration and interoperability for AMD Global Telemedicine. When viewed through AGNES Interactive, the USB-connected ultrasound probe displays high-quality images and eliminates the need for a separate ultrasound machine or viewing software.

Clinical healthcare providers can now deliver access to high-quality ultrasound images simultaneous to doing the patient exam and tele-consult with the remote specialist.

“Interson is proud to be a part of AMD’s innovation to move ultrasound imaging further into primary-care medicine. Integrating ultrasound technology into telemedicine software extends the value of telemedicine to deliver care beyond a physician’s fingertips,” commented Roman Solek (pictured), CEO and President, Interson Corporation.

About AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc.
AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc. (AMD) is the leading developer of Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions (TEMS) to over 8,100 patient end-points in more than 94 countries. Since 1991, AMD has pioneered the development of clinical telemedicine as a way of bringing quality medical care to rural and underdeveloped areas around the world. AMD provides personalized telemedicine solutions pairing our specialized medical devices with our data aggregation and communication technologies, in order to connect a patient with a remote clinical healthcare provider. For more information on AMD Global Telemedicine visit

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