Most health IT professionals expect a raise

TORONTO – A survey of healthcare IT professionals across Canada found that 64% expect to receive a raise in the next 12 months. While 33% only expect a modest bump in pay, amounting to just 3% of their current salary, 11% of survey participants expect up to 6% more, 13% expect up to 10% more, and 7% indicated that they believe their salary will increase by as much as 20% over what they made in 2015.

The new survey by Greythorn and Tectonic Advisory Services, the first of its kind in Canada, received information from 150 respondents across Canada. While nearly two-thirds of health IT professionals expect a bigger pay cheque in the new year, the study notes that it’s unknown how people will react if their expectations are not met.

Other highlights from the report:
• 76% say they work more than 40 hours per week
• 52% feel optimistic about health IT opportunities over the next 12 months
• 81% would consider consulting in the next 12 months
• 49% currently receive a performance-based bonus

The 2015 Healthcare HI & IT Market Report details the results of Greythorn and Tectonic’s survey, including questions about current salary ranges, benefits packages, job perks, career motivation, and expectations for future job offers.

It is a unique source of information for professionals who want to negotiate the terms of a new career opportunity, or go into an annual review armed with industry trends and data. The report is also a valuable resource for employers and leaders who are interested in crafting competitive offers and retaining current talent. The free report can be requested here.

About Greythorn
Greythorn is a specialist technology and healthcare IT recruitment consultancy, placing highly skilled big data, open source, and healthcare IT talent across the United States and Canada in full-time and contract roles.

About Tectonic Advisory Services Inc.
Tectonic Advisory Services Inc. is a Canadian-based healthcare transformation company that bridges the gap between the private and public sector. They provide a deep, core knowledge of healthcare system management, with a variety of domain expertise, and a particular focus on clinical informatics. They bring innovative ways of thinking to the market, and ideas that provide shifts that are tectonic in scale for Canada and globally.

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    November 05, 2015

    Hmm, wonder if the stats are reflective of private sector IT Health workers only.


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      November 06, 2015

      Hi Sal, the research included public sector IT health workers as well, thanks for asking, Glenn


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