New solutions to be found at Ontario’s HIMSS booth

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Ontario government is co-hosting a booth with up-and-coming Ontario healthcare technology providers at this year’s HIMSS conference, which will be held in Orlando from Feb 23-27. Over 30,000 attendees are expected at the gathering, one of the world’s largest meetings of healthcare information users and providers. We provide details about the companies exhibiting with the Ontario government this year.

ComputerTalk’s iceAlert Automated Messaging can help reduce costs and improve patient care by transforming how you keep in touch with patients. Built from the ground up for healthcare, this product substantially increases patient reach by sending reminders, collections, and post-care monitoring through phone, email and SMS. Key product differentiators include completely configurable messages through ComputerTalk’s website, HL7 integration and information secured in a HIPAA and PCI-compliant environment.

E-Twenty Development is focused on mobile and web based applications. Its proprietary flagship technology, SmartIndoor, solves turn-by-turn navigation in hospitals without needing external signals such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Preparing for an iOS beta app release this year, SmartIndoor aims to provide uninterrupted indoor navigation service for many public locations, and can save time and money by using a remote mapping process to reduce the need for on-site installation.

Electrovaya is a global pioneer that designs, develops and manufactures proprietary Lithium Ion SuperPolymer 2.0 cells, battery systems and related products for the smart grid, clean transportation, aerospace, marine and healthcare markets. Electrovaya’s clean, non-toxic production method ensures smart grid, healthcare and zero-emission vehicle programs have a green supply chain. Electrovaya’s PowerPad external batteries are widely used in healthcare, education and government.

mihealth is built on the ethos that better connections drive better outcomes. It seeks to revolutionize care coordination and provider-patient communication through secure messaging and system integration, wrapping care around the patient and enabling health information sharing with all members of the circle of care. mihealth empowers patients through mobile, anywhere, anytime, secure instant access to their critical health information.

NexJ Connected Wellness is a cloud-based platform for health and wellness that is used to deliver and share health information, enable secure communication and collaboration across the continuum of care, and coach people to wellness. Healthcare providers use NexJ Connected Wellness to activate patients to proactively manage their chronic condition and achieve their health and wellness goals, leading to improved outcomes and a lower cost of care.

Privacy Analytics provides organizations with enterprise software to safeguard, operationalize and enable data for secondary use. PARAT and PARAT Text are the industry’s most comprehensive software that enables the analysis of data for secondary use by integrating the anonymization of structured and unstructured information from multiple sources in compliance with HIPAA and other legal requirements.

The International Trade Branch of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment assists Ontario companies in accessing international markets by establishing partnerships and distribution channels, and by providing assistance to foreign parties interested in sourcing Ontario products, technology and services. If you are an international buyer looking to source goods or services from Ontario, visit

TickiT breaks down the communication barrier and comfortably educates and prepares patients for the visit while collecting relevant data for physicians, so face-to-face interactions can be focused on creating sustainable and effective health outcomes.

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