Nuon brings Rayence wireless flat-panel to Canada

RayenceEDMONTON – Nuon Imaging, an exclusive Canadian distributor of several medical imaging products, is proud to bring new, cutting edge technology to the Canadian healthcare sector. Recently, Rayence Co., a Korean-based developer and manufacturer of medical imaging technologies, added a 14” x 17” cassette-sized wireless detector to its Xmaru DR solutions product line. Nuon Imaging will have this new product available for the Canadian market immediately.

“I’m always excited to announce new product offerings,” said Mark Little, President of Nuon Imaging, “As an organization we are committed to leading the transition to Digital Imaging in the Canadian diagnostic imaging market. These new panels will complement our existing product line of acquisition software to create a full wall-to-wall turnkey radiography suite.”

The Xmaru 1417 WGA/WCA offers a large activation area, superior diagnostic image quality, and quick & easy integration.

The 1417 WCA/WGA Gadolinium Oxysulfide or Cesium flat panel detector can accommodate general & mobile radiography, podiatry, chiropractic and orthopedic applications. It is a cassette-size 14×17” wireless flat panel detector that uses auto trigger technology, which eliminates the need for generator integration.

Its unique design allows the detector to simply be placed into existing cassette trays. The detector features a 3.9lp/mm and 127 um micron resolution with image acquisition time of approximately 3 seconds.

About Nuon Imaging
Nuon Imaging is a national distributor of digital diagnostic imaging equipment, software, & X-ray accessories/supplies for the Canadian medical industry (including both Human and Veterinary medicine). Nuon Imaging is an organization committed to superior products and customer service. Learn more about Nuon Imaging online at, or call for further information. Toll Free 1.866.455.3050

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