NWHA chooses Eclipse for project management

Andrew WehrstedtTHUNDER BAY, Ont. – Ontario’s Northwest Health Alliance has selected Solutions Q’s Eclipse PPM Software to support its mission to facilitate collaboration among health service providers. The Northwest Health Alliance is now assembling its Regional Project Management Office and having the right technology to support the PMO from the start will help enable its success.

With this new implementation, the Northwest Health Alliance was looking for a project portfolio management tool that would help improve prioritization, increase project and portfolio visibility, provide real-time reporting on projects and portfolio, and assist the Alliance in managing, planning and tracking resource capacity.

“We want to ensure there is visibility and standardization on all of the projects that the Alliance manages, and to provide a system that our customers can utilize to manage their own internal projects with coaching and mentoring provided by our PMO professionals,” said Andrew Wehrstedt (pictured), Executive Director & Chief Information Officer at Northwest Health Alliance.

Eclipse PPM was chosen for a variety of reasons, but with a strong track record of success in Ontario healthcare implementations, Eclipse PPM became the obvious choice. Eclipse PPM was also chosen for its ease of use for project managers, team members and executives, its ability to prioritize project requests, the visibility of projects it provides executives/management, and its ability to coordinate project activities going on across Northwestern Ontario for all of their customers.

Healthcare service providers in Northwest Ontario have a long history of cooperation and collaboration in order to gain some efficiencies of scale and to provide the best possible service to the population. With the implementation of Eclipse PPM, they will be able to increase collaboration and produce even greater efficiencies.

About Northwest Health Alliance
Northwest Health Alliance was formed in response to the need to promote collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of health services and to promote information technology in support of health and wellness. In addition, the Alliance was tasked to develop, implement and manage shared services that will enhance the provision of healthcare for the benefit of its members and the population served. The hospitals in Northwest Ontario started using shared systems in 2004/05 and soon recognized the need for a formal governance structure for these shared systems. For more information visit

About Solution Q
Solution Q is the maker of Eclipse PPM, project portfolio management software that helps to simplify project and portfolio management to make it more successful for ‘all voices in the room.’ Solution Q provides a combination of process, PPM software and partnership to deliver improved business results. For more information visit

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