P&P Data Systems gains infusion of $2.4 million

P&P logoTORONTO – P & P Data Systems, a Canadian developer of electronic medical records software for the healthcare industry, is pleased to announce it has accepted a physician-led investment of $2.4M. The proposal, which is subject to final review and documentation, also provides for access to additional funds to pursue special projects and potential acquisitions.

“Aligning P & P with this physician-led investment group allows us to continue to focus on the needs and goals of healthcare providers,” said Moshe Pinhas, president and CEO of P & P. He added that, “P & P has a number of initiates on the go and this investment will help us expedite those projects. New and existing clients should look for more announcements in the coming weeks.”

“Physicians and other healthcare providers have been looking for better options to meet their practice needs,” said a spokesperson for the physician-led group of investors. “Many physicians are not happy with their EMR and the lack of attention they receive from their EMR vendors. P & P offers a high performance and user friendly software to address the needs of healthcare, today and tomorrow. Most importantly, P & P understands the physician workflow and their changing needs. We look forward to assisting P & P in meeting the needs and goals of our healthcare community.”

About P & P Data Systems Inc.
Established in Toronto in 1982, P & P is dedicated to serving the healthcare marketplace by developing software solutions that enhance clinical decision-making and improving outcomes for all Ontarians. P & P provides skilled trainers and implementation specialists to lead clinical administrative staff into the twentyfirst century of electronic medical records. With P & P’s support, medical practices achieve their goals of embracing cost-effective systems with continued advancements in healthcare innovations. For more information about P & P Data Systems, please visit The P & P EMR solution is marketed as Clinical Information System (CIS) and is one of the industry’s most robust solutions. It is designed for medical practitioners looking to substantially eliminate paper from their practices. CIS can redefine patient care by offering a tool with flexibility and scalability for doctor driven workflow that can lead to improved patient care.

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    June 08, 2017

    The last 10 yrs have been very interesting in the EMR space. The Government’s financial support towards adoption changed the landscape considerably, one could say that an entire new industry segment was created through this. A couple of things seem to jump out;

    1. The cost for EMR has increased, operational costs etc.
    2. Innovation in the EMR space has been limited to the creation of new tools and features which live outside the native applications. True efficiency tools integrated within applications have not (as far as I can see) been created.

    10 years ago, we had flip phone, today our smart phone are as powerful as the average desktop computer.
    10 years ago, Facebook came to life, today they have a user-base which is larger in terms of people than the population of some countries.
    10 years ago, iPod started a revolutionary shift in the way music is distributed.

    It truly seems that we are still far behind when it comes to EMRs and EHRs. There continues to be a huge gap between users and beneficiaries (Healthcare as an industry and the patients we care for.)

    Just my thoughts,


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