Restaurant tech used to improve patient experience

pagersCORNWALL, Ont. – To improve communications between patients and medical practitioners, CCH has partnered with HME Wireless to implement a new notification system that tells a family member immediately when their loved one is out of surgery. Initially intended for restaurants, this technology has moved its way into the healthcare world due to its flexibility and instant communication features.

This simple yet innovative idea is meant to add peace of mind during a time when a family can be anxious or stressed. After the patient is brought into the Day Surgery unit, a cell-phone sized pager is given to one of the patients guardians that will flash, beep, or vibrate whenever the procedure is completed.

The nurse dials the number on the transmitter that coincides with the pager, then the parent or friend will know it’s time to return to the unit. Staff have already noticed a difference in waiting rooms being less congested and visitors being more satisfied with having the choice to remain nearby or leave the unit.

After trialing the new technology with great success, it was introduced last month in Day Surgery specifically with the paediatric patient demographic in mind.

On average, an operation like a tonsillectomy or other dental surgeries common to the unit can last up to 90 minutes. The lightweight, rechargeable, pagers have a hospital-wide range and provide the guest the freedom to have a meal in the cafeteria, visit the gift shop, explore the history wall, or get some fresh air instead of having to sit in a waiting room for the duration of the procedure.

Not being confined to a waiting area is just another way we are improving the overall hospital experience, said Kelly Shaw, Director of Surgery and Nursing Informatics. They [the pagers] save time and are far less disruptive permitting our staff to be more efficient, while offering comfort to the patient’s family knowing they’ll be notified right away when their child is out of surgery.

Once the pagers are returned, they are cleaned and ready for use for the next guest. The plastic used in the pagers contains antibacterial agents that have been shown to significantly reduce the common bacterial strains staphylococcus and E. coli.

On-site paging isn’t just convenient but it also eliminates distraction. Whether it’s a 30 minute procedure or a longer surgery, the pagers keep people apprised regardless of their proximity to the OR.

CCH said it is constantly enhancing the patient experience at its facility, which offers six new operating rooms, cutting edge digital equipment, a new emergency department with increased volume capacity, and the regular introduction of new technology.

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