Small hospitals improve clinical systems using SSO

Tim SonnenburgRENFREW, Ont. – Five rural hospitals in Eastern Ontario have implemented a Single Sign-On system from Imprivata, enabling clinicians to easily access electronic charts and files from a wide variety of systems.

“Advances in technology have made it possible for clinicians to access these records electronically, right at the bedside. They are able to review a patient’s history, care plan, ongoing assessments and test results – all in one place,” said Tim Sonnenburg (pictured), Vice President, Financial Services, Renfrew Victoria Hospital. “But it has to be efficient.”

It is not unusual for a user to log-in and out of 10 or more applications, multiple times per day. Each application may require a different user name and password.

“It’s about saving clicks,” added Bob VanDrunen, Network Manager, Hôpital Glengarry Memorial Hospital. “The new technology automatically manages the access process, tying multiple applications together to allow for one single, seamless, secure log-in.”

Doctors say it works. “Single sign-on is easy to use and will save time. It allows us to focus our attention on the patient, which is important to us,” noted Dr. Steve Radke, Chief of Staff, Renfrew Victoria Hospital.

Privacy is ensured through a two-step identification process. Clinicians are no longer tempted to leave passwords in visible locations.

The initiative is part of the Champlain Alliance of Small Hospital’s (CAsH) ongoing commitment to creating a more integrated health system. The single sign-on technology is expected to roll out to all eight CAsH hospitals over the next two years. The result will be more appropriate, coordinated, sustainable, effective and efficient care.

CAsH’s vision is to develop innovative rural health delivery options and to advocate for strengthened rural health.

It includes eight member hospitals: Almonte General Hospital, Arnprior Regional Health, Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital, Deep River and District Hospital, Glengarry Memorial Hospital, Kemptville District Hospital, Renfrew Victoria Hospital and St. Francis Memorial Hospital.

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