Southlake issues RFP for patient experience system

SouthlakeNEWMARKET, Ont. – Southlake Regional Health Centre has issued an RFP for a real-time patient experience system. The goal is to develop a sustainable process to allow real-time data collection related to the Ultimate Hospital Experience. Survey content and process will be standardized and the data will be used to capture metrics for multiple initiatives.

This survey will be piloted on Southlake’s inpatient cardiac and medicine units. The process and tools will then be evaluated prior to further implementing.

With the aid of portable technology, efforts in obtaining real-time data coupled with the ability to transfer this information directly into a database would eliminate paper and data entry errors. Southlake would like to own the data we are collecting and have the ability to build metrics/reports around each survey (combined or individual).

• Real-time access to data through live reporting capabilities, providing agility to improve patients experience
• Quickly discover areas for improvement (e.g. training for staff) through built in analytics
• Ability to complete survey on enterprise computers and laptops/notebooks
• Portable technology (hand-held application module) for tablets (android?)
• Web-based application
• Capture real-time data from patients in selected inpatient units of hospital
• Capabilities to be completed off line if Wi-Fi is not accessible
• Restricted access for users (administrative rights)
• Enterprise License (unlimited users)
• Ability to develop and share reports (for administrators)
• Reporting capabilities
• Ability to edit/add/delete content of survey for administrators
• Document/survey repository
• To archive all surveys and results
• To track survey changes along with reasons
• Ability to export and manipulate data/reports to other systems (e.g. Business Intelligence )
• Survey Options: check boxes, drop down menus, free text, mandatory fields, etc.
• Mandatory fields and ability to create comment section pop-up with certain responses
• Ownership of data (with redundancy); data to remain in Canada
• Hospital will own the data through an enterprise grade, secure solution
• Time sensitive communication tool to alert managers of concerns/issues/compliments on their respective units
• Ability to add script for surveyors and direct the line of questioning with responses
• Ability to provide drop down with corporate messaging for common complaints (e.g. parking, food, etc.)
• Ability to communicate follow up/action items back to main database to complete (close loop)
• Ease of use: visually, operationally
• Training module for users and administrators
• Support Canadian privacy standards

• Capture real-time data from outpatient areas
• Ability to develop the tool to survey staff, physicians, volunteers, students, residents, etc.
• Ability for administrators to build multiple surveys and manipulate content
• Ability to transition application to smartphone and kiosks
• Ability to translate survey to other languages for completion
• Ability to convert data back to English for database

• Ability to capture multi-media (audio, video, images) as part of the form with mobile devices to share patient and staff testimonials
• Ability to follow up with patients via email or text messages (will need consent built into survey)

Full details available on Biddingo. RFP Submission Deadline: April 6, 2016.

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    March 24, 2016

    Niagara Health System has built a real-time patient survey tool with a slick interface that captures inpatient data in real-time administered using mobile devices including iPads, IBTs, laptops or desktops. It has automated workflow triggers that will notify management or clinicians as required based on patient responses. We are willing to share this with fellow hospitals. Please contact for further inquiries.


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