Tectonic and Greythorn to research healthcare HR

TORONTO – Tectonic Advisory Services and Greythorn North America announced they are partnering to conduct a nation-wide survey of healthcare HI and IT professionals.

Respondents will be asked to answer questions about career aspects such as salary ranges, financial expectations, desirable benefits packages and job perks. The survey will also research reasons for seeking new jobs and circumstances which have caused or would cause individuals to leave their company, hospital, health system – or healthcare altogether.

This information will be valuable for developing recruitment and retention strategies, and ensuring healthcare is an attractive industry for freshly graduated tech and informatics professionals.

Results will be made freely available at no cost in the fall of 2015. Tectonic and Greythorn have committed to donating $1 to the Steven Huesing Scholarship for every completed questionnaire after a minimum of 300 are submitted.

According to a recent report published by Canada’s leading healthcare organizations, the industry will require up to 8,500 additional information technology and health information management professionals in the next five years – and if the talent pipeline continues its current trend, many of those roles will go unfilled.

Any solution with merit must address two challenges: keeping IT professionals from moving to a different industry, and attracting a new generation of young IT professionals.

To contribute to this important research, please visit to fill out the 10-minute questionnaire.

About Greythorn
Greythorn is a specialist technology and healthcare IT recruitment consultancy, placing skilled professionals across the United States and Canada in full-time and contract roles.

About Tectonic Advisory Services Inc.
Tectonic Advisory Services Inc. is a Canadian-based healthcare transformation company that bridges the gap between the private and public sector. They provide a deep, core knowledge of healthcare system management, with a variety of domain expertise, and a particular focus on clinical informatics. They bring innovative ways of thinking to the market, and ideas that provide shifts that are tectonic in scale for Canada and globally.

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