Tectonic, Logibec study analytics needs for OHA

Glenn LanteigneTORONTO – Tectonic Advisory Services Inc. and Logibec Inc. are pleased to announce they have been selected by the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) to provide services to investigate and understand the health analytics needs of Ontario hospitals.

This analysis aligns with the complex and dynamic environment that is being created by the current Health System Funding Reform (HSFR).

Tectonic and Logibec will also support the OHA in identifying potential leadership roles to develop and enhance health analytics capabilities and practices within hospitals in order to elevate organizational and health system performance.

The research will be conducted by Tectonic with the support of Logibec’s Dr. Jean Mireault and Daniel Handfield, who are experts in clinical and financial processes, measures, and analytics. Together, they are part of a team of health system leaders comprised of Murray Martin, former president of Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS), and health funding specialist Eric Sparks.

“We are tasked to advise on a set of issues that affect all healthcare organizations,” said Glenn Lanteigne (pictured), CEO of Tectonic. “We have partnered with leaders in the industry to provide research, strategies and recommendations to the OHA in order to assist them in supporting their member hospitals.”

“We know the aim of HSFR is to enable patient-centred care and optimize use of limited resources,” said Dr. Jean Mireault, Chief Medical Officer of Logibec. “With our role to analyze data and advise on the future state of healthcare, we will provide a solid understanding of issues facing Ontario hospitals that can be addressed with health analytics.”

The work is sponsored by the OHA Health Analytics Advisory Panel, comprised of a diverse set of hospital leaders with varying areas of expertise, experience and responsibility within this field.

“We are looking forward to developing new and enhanced capabilities in the area of health analytics,” said Anthony Dale, president and CEO of the OHA. “We are very pleased to have Tectonic and Logibec provide us with the support we need on this very important research project.”

This work and resulting report will be useful to the OHA, Ministry and other stakeholders in Ontario. The recommendations will galvanize provincial strategies and investments that will strengthen Ontario’s healthcare systems and provide insights for other jurisdictions.

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About the Ontario Hospital Association
The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) is the voice of Ontario’s public hospitals. Founded in 1924, the OHA uses advocacy, education and partnerships to build a strong, innovative and sustainable healthcare system for all Ontarians. Please visit

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