UHN to roll out access to Patient Portal later this month

myUHNTORONTO – The University Health Network’s myUHN Patient Portal will be made available to patients at all UHN sites starting January 30th, 2017. The system is a secure website that enables patients to see their UHN appointments, results and clinic notes as soon as they are ready.

UHN includes Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto General and Toronto Western Hospitals, and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.

With myUHN, patients can:

• see UHN appointments and receive appointment reminders

• see UHN lab results dating back to 2008

• see UHN reports, such as pathology and imaging reports, and clinic notes dating back to May 1, 2015

• find links to education resources, medical dictionaries and other helpful websites

• share health information with others.

With access to myUHN, patients will be able to keep track of appointments and results; remember what they talked about with healthcare team members; prepare for appointments; better understand and manage their care; and share information with others, like trusted family members and caregivers, or healthcare providers outside UHN.

The portal also notifies patients each time a new result or note is posted.

myUHN Patient Portal was built in-house by the UHN Digital team, in collaboration with UHN Patient Experience team and patients. UHN had clinical teams validating education sources and tools, and helping to integrate the portal into clinical processes.

myUHN is UHN’s 3rd generation Patient Portal. The system is currently in use at seven clinics at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the Toronto General Hospital.

“Over 2,800 patients have access to the portal, and we have completed early adopter evaluation,” said Selina Brudnicki, program lead and senior project manager, myUHN Patient Portal. “We’re about to roll-out across UHN starting Jan 30th, and expect that over 250,000 patients will be offered access this year.”

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    January 19, 2017

    This is great! With most physician specialists that treat my husband now in the Mississauga Halton region and some key specialists still at UHN this will be a great resource for information exchange. It will also save time at appointments to try to request this information or have to reschedule appointments due to missing information. It puts the prep capability into the hands of the patients, certainly less frustration and office waiting time will be experienced.


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    January 19, 2017

    A cardiologist friend of mine always says ‘take care of yourself, no one else will’. The UHN patient portal will be one of the tools to help you do just that.


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    January 19, 2017

    Finally we start moving in the right direction. Feeling like in Stone Age still here in Canada.


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