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Dr Fahad Alam

Sunnybrook VR tech reduces pre-op patient anxiety

By Rosie Lombardi

Futuristic virtual reality (VR) technology is already being tested for down-to-earth healthcare applications. Sunnybrook and Sick Kids hospitals in Toronto are collaborating in pilot projects that use VR to create an immersive experience that emulates what pre-operative patients can expect in the operating room in an effort to reduce anxiety and cortisol levels without medication….

Andrew Neuner

Website collects Albertans’ experience with ER care

By Rosie Lombardi

The Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) recently unveiled a website that collects and presents information culled from patient surveys and administrative health data about the quality of care received at 16 ERs across the province. The website uses simple graphics to visualize information in 18 categories delving into wait times, staff responsiveness and other…

Robert Kaul

Plethora of diagnostic innovators setting up shop

The future of medicine has always seemed out there, as fantastical as Star Trek’s fictional tricorders. But in the realm of diagnostics, cutting-edge innovation is rapidly drawing this future within arm’s reach of doctors. Some diagnostic innovators have already veered into Star Trek territory. Kitchener-based Cloud DX Inc., for instance, has developed VITALITI, a wearable device that uses biosensors…

Cherif Habib

Online medical service saves workers trips to office

A Montreal-based tech firm is joining the growing list of telemedicine offices setting up shop in Canada. The company has released Dialogue, an app that connects workers with doctors and nurses through their mobile phone. Employers can subscribe to the service for the cost of about a cup of coffee for each worker per week. Dialogue’s…

Benoit Demers

Telus partners with DOmedic to improve senior care

Telus Health and Groupe DOmedic, Inc., a Quebec start-up that designs high-tech products to improve medication compliance, have announced a partnership that will enable better health monitoring and improved medication management for seniors with the launch of xPill PHARMA. Offered by DOmedic to retirement homes, and connected by Telus Health to the pharmacists through their…

Dr Kate Granger

Doctor, hello thyself – it’s good for patients

By Dorothy Grant

Dr. Kate Granger’s story is inspiring. I am convinced it needs to be shared with many Canadian doctors who, sadly, often need to be reminded that just saying hello and sharing your name and status with patients is therapeutic. I experienced this first-hand recently when I visited someone in a hospital, and was somewhat concerned when…

Gamma Knife procedure

Radioactive ‘knife’ developed by UAlberta Hospital

Next November, a new tool at the University of Alberta will enable neurosurgeons to work on brains without cutting into patients’ skulls. Known as the Gamma Knife, the tool will focus rays of gamma radiation onto brain tumours to allow neurosurgery to be performed through an intact scull. The $17.5 million project was spearheaded by…

Mozzaz app

Mobile mental health app teams with hospital

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) and Mozzaz, a digital health company based in Waterloo have announced the launch of an innovative mobile mental health app for patients. The app uses Mozzaz’s mHealth platform and is fully integrated with Ontario Shores’ EMR system. The Mozzaz solution enables patients to actively participate in their…

overdose detector

UBC students create wearable overdose detector

A group of students at the University of British Columbia have turned to technology in an effort to address the opioid crisis by creating a wearable device they say can detect an overdose. The six engineering, medical and design students wanted to focus on people who could overdose indoors, where others can’t see or help…

411-iMD logos

Vaccines411 and iMD Health announce partnership

iMD Health and Vaccines411 have partnered to allow healthcare professionals to deliver valuable immunization resources found on Vaccines411, including required vaccines and where to obtain them, to their patients using state of the art technology provided by iMD Health. Resources will include vaccine information, an immunization checklist and the Vaccines411 clinic finder. iMD Pinga and…