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Lindee David

Joule adds new elements to 2017 innovation program

By Rosie Lombardi

Joule, an innovation-fostering start-up launched last year by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), is growing in several new directions in 2017. The company has added a new social innovations category to its next round of grants for physician-entrepreneurs (the deadline for all applications is May 1). Joule is also beefing up its innovation support system…

Andrew Needles

MDs explore ultra-high frequency ultrasound tech

By Rosie Lombardi

Doctors now have a powerful new tool to help them see small structures within the human body. Called the Vevo MD, the world’s first Ultra High-Frequency (UHF) ultrasound system, the technology was originally developed at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre during the nineties and later commercialized by FUJIFILM VisualSonics. “Any ultrasound application that exists today where…


Toronto MD makes medical & astronautical history

On Jan. 11, astronauts aboard the International Space Station did something that could revolutionize extraterrestrial healthcare: using a desktop-sized 3D printer, they made their own medical supplies, using blueprints downloaded direct from Toronto. 3D4MD, the company behind the historic feat, created the digital files, which can be printed out in three dimensions wherever needed. The…

Huda Idress

Toronto startup set to create personal health records

The first time Huda Idrees (pictured) became a CEO she was just 12 years old when she started her web design business. Today, she’s an established darling of Canada’s tech-startup community and is set to reprise that leading role at Dot Health, a new Toronto-based startup. The company aims to tackle the global mess of…

Marilyn Sinclair

Ont. government invests $1.32 million in 30 startups

A new incubation program, BURST, will provide 30 innovative technology entrepreneurs in southwestern Ontario with the skills they need to succeed now and in the future. Kate Young, MP for London West, and Peter Fragiskatos, MP for London North Centre, announced that FedDev Ontario is providing TechAlliance of Southwestern Ontario with up to $1.32 million to deliver the new program. Through…


Sign the online petition to change healthcare IT

By Suneel Dhand M.D.

One of the topics I write most about, and have also done a considerable amount of consulting work on, is improving and optimizing healthcare information technology. I hate to say this, but after a few years of doing this, I’m starting to despair a little by what I’m seeing. It’s a question I never thought…

BIOS Diagnostics Protocol

Highly accurate home blood pressure monitor launched

According to the Hypertension Canada Guidelines to Physicians, patients should record their numbers four times daily over a seven-day period when monitoring blood pressure at home. To help doctors adhere to the new protocol, BIOS Medical has launched a first-of-its-kind line of portable blood pressure monitors that are the gold standard in home monitoring, delivering…

No Picture

Software as good as MDs at diagnosing skin cancer

Image-scanning software developed at Stanford University can distinguish deadly skin cancers from benign ones as accurately as top dermatologists, according to a recent study. The technology could soon be incorporated in a smart phone. Fine-tuned with the help of physicians, the app they created performed just as well as a panel of 21 board-certified dermatologists,…


Alberta e-tool helps parents manage kids’ obesity

A new online app hopes to make parents more aware of children’s weight issues and resources available to help improve their health. Developed by researchers at the University of Alberta, the Resource Information Program for Parents on Lifestyle and Education (RIPPLE) e-tool compares a child’s weight, diet and lifestyle habits to healthy standards before offering…


Medevision & iMD partnership boosts patient education

Medevision Corporation & iMD Health Global Corporation recently announced a strategic partnership. Toronto-based Medevision is a cloud-based comprehensive schedule management solution for physicians. Also Toronto-based, iMD Health Global provides Canada’s largest and most innovative digital patient education platform. The iMD offering within Medevision will offer increased patient understanding during consultations through clear visuals. It also allows…