Microsoft touts ‘Triple Aim’ goals for healthcare

By Laura Wallace

The present wave of technology innovations that are driving digital transformation in nearly every industry couldn’t have come a moment too soon for the healthcare industry. That’s because, on a worldwide scale, the health industry has been and is today the most inefficient industry by any standard in the world: 42 percent inefficient as a…


Is an imperfect mental health app better than no care?

By Steven Chan, MD, MBA

I saw her come into my clinic office again and again. Each time, she looked distressed. She still couldn’t afford the talk therapy that she needed – it could have helped her improve the way she felt, equip her with new tools to manage her mood. Therapy, combined with her medication, would give her a…


Clinton & Trump: The politics of medical information

By David Blumenthal M.D. and James Morone

The future U.S. President’s personal health became a major issue recently and, all of a sudden, physicians were thrust into roles that looked uncomfortably like campaign surrogates. After Hilary Clinton fainted on Sept. 11 and then revealed a pneumonia diagnosis, her team released a detailed doctor’s letter that boiled down to saying: she had pneumonia, has gotten…


Three billion dollars to cure all diseases?

By Sreedhar Potarazu, MD

The question, taken at face value, seems preposterous: “Can we cure all diseases in our children’s lifetime?” It takes a very bold thinker to answer, “Yes.” And it takes very deep pockets to try to make it happen. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his pediatrician wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, are bold thinkers with deep pockets….


A futurist looks at over-hyped medical technologies

By Bertalan Meskó, MD

You know the saying: the pessimist says the glass is half empty, the optimist says it is half full, and, well, the cynic asks who drank the other half? I’m truly an optimist – especially when it comes to the future of medicine and healthcare. However, the media tends to over-hype outstanding medical findings, creative…


Let’s catch up on innovation in healthcare

By Alex Munter

3D printing pens. Robotic folding furniture. Self-driving cars. New technologies tantalize us and potentially change our lives. Among the greatest sectors for transformation – and maybe the most neglected – is healthcare. The potential to improve our lives is why Canadians have long held healthcare as one of our highest priorities. The key for the…

Cheryl Allen

Cloud based transcription is an affordable option

By Cheryl Allen

As hospitals and private clinics have matured in their use of electronic health records (EHRs), documenting high-quality care has steadily become more time-consuming due to the nature and the amount of data entry required. Due to these demands, many physicians continue to dictate letters and documentations to be transcribed, as they did with paper charts….

Puneet Seth

The problem isn’t alert fatigue – it’s the EMR

By Puneet Seth, MD

Some of the same mechanisms intended to improve patient care and clinical workflow are now becoming public health concerns – this time for health practitioners themselves. The rising number of alerts and warnings that have been pre-programmed into many electronic medical records (EMRs) that notify clinicians about everything from medication interactions to allergies to prescription…

Robert Wong

Avatars, Star Wars, and the future of medicine

By Robert W. Wong, MD

As the practice of medicine becomes increasingly digital, our patients are beginning to manage their health from more convenient points of care. And as telemedicine improves, instantaneous access to healthcare providers from the comfort of your home or office is now possible. A recent survey of patients in my practice showed that over three-fourths of…

Dr Dana Corriel

Negative Facebook comments ruin doctor’s reputation

By Dana Corriel MD

I woke up this morning and scrolled through my Facebook feed, a usual morning routine I’ve adopted to help me get my day started. I normally laugh at the hilarious posts an old work friend writes, or smile at the cool videos a college colleague displays, but today, this was not the case. I was…