Brian Levine

MD advocates KISS principle & two mobile devices

By Brian Levine, MD

Last fall, Apple announced the redesigned iPhone 6s and the iPad Pro, and Microsoft announced a redesigned Windows Surface Pro (they are now up to the Surface Pro 4) and the unanticipated but incredibly intriguing Surface Book. However, neither Apple nor Microsoft mentioned the acronym HIPAA or the clinical applicability of these devices. While many…

Dr David Juurlink

Deadly prescription opioid epidemic must be stopped

By Dr. David Juurlink

Dear Minister Jane Philpott: Congratulations on your appointment as Minister of Health. As an experienced physician, you bring valuable perspective to the post. While there are many contentious matters before you, including a new health accord, physician-assisted dying and marijuana legalization, few could be more pressing than the prescription opioid epidemic. It is an issue…

Manan Shah

Technology should not speed up clinical trials

Most physicians appreciate the cross-pollination between the medical and tech sectors and welcome any change that brings progress to our patients faster. But when people long for a future healthcare system that changes with the pace of technology, I am skeptical. I support the concept of quickly bringing advances to patients, but there is one…