FDA clears soft wireless stick-on thermometer

Fever ScoutVivaLnk, a firm based in Santa Clara, California, has won FDA clearance to introduce its Fever Scout stick-on wireless thermometer. The device, after being stuck to the skin, is designed to be transmit measurements to a tablet or smartphone. Readings can be checked at any time and those taken previously are also available for review. Though the temperature readings show up on a tablet or smartphone, the thermometer doesn’t communicate with them directly. Instead, it relies on its carrying case, which is also the charging station, to relay the measurements between the thermometer and the display device.

The Fever Scout is rechargeable and comes with eight disposable adhesive strips. It is soft and can be used on all kinds of patients, including peds and adults.

Continuous Remote Monitoring – The app is constantly measuring the patient’s temperature throughout the day or night.

Alerts – The Fever Scout app will send alerts even when your phone is in sleep mode or located in another room.

Temperature Trends – Rotating the phone to landscape view will display the data in a graph format, giving you a bigger perspective of your patient’s temperature trends.

Notes – Keep a record of Fever causes, temperature trends, and effective anti-fever treatments. Share the information with your physician or loved one.

History – Track your patient’s temperature to see real-time improvement in your child’s health

For more information, visit http://vivalnk.com/feverscout-3/

Source: Medgadget