Medevision & iMD partnership boosts patient education

Medevision-iMDMedevision Corporation & iMD Health Global Corporation recently announced a strategic partnership. Toronto-based Medevision is a cloud-based comprehensive schedule management solution for physicians. Also Toronto-based, iMD Health Global provides Canada’s largest and most innovative digital patient education platform. The iMD offering within Medevision will offer increased patient understanding during consultations through clear visuals.

It also allows immediate sharing of information to patients through email so they won’t forget the information discussed, and it increases patient satisfaction through increased understanding and a deeper sense of engagement. It provides reliable, up-to-date information in the hospital, clinic or at home, and is available on tablet or computer, providing easy access in any location.

“We are excited to be partnering with iMD Health to make their award-winning platform available to all users of Medevision. Our clients are primarily clinic and hospital-based physicians. During patient assessments, the education of patients and their respective families is very important. By making iMD available within Medevision, we are driving more value by providing our users with another best-in-class solution,” says Dr. Robert Horvath, ER physician and president/founder of Medevision.

“This partnership is very exciting for both organizations. It combines the work flow/scheduling platform that doctors need with leading education that patients need. Our iMD solutions are used across Canada by over 1,600 Professionals, delivering over 700,000 patient education sessions per month. Working with Medevision, we are now providing access to iMD for thousands of doctors, and impacting the health literacy and understanding of medical conditions to many more Canadians,” says Kevin Delano, president & CEO of iMD Health Global. “We look forward to working with Medevision to assist its clients in the care of their patients.”

About Medevision
Medevision is a cloud-based comprehensive schedule management solution for Physicians. It automates and assists in the creation and ongoing maintenance of physician on-call and work assignments for any medical department. With Medevision, healthcare and administrative staff can now easily find and contact any scheduled physician of any department when needed. The system is cloud-based and incredibly easy to use. User access is via a browser, smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device. Medevision integrates schedules from any number of departments across one or more facilities. For more information about Medevision, please contact or visit

About iMD Health Global
iMD Health Global is a Canadian based healthcare software development company based in Toronto. Since 2010, iMD has grown into Canada’s largest and most innovative digital patient education platform. Winning many awards in Canada and on the global stage, iMD has arrived as the best-in-class solution. iMD offers it’s platform to healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses and pharmacists) “At The Point of Care” (doctors’ clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and home healthcare). iMD is a cloud-based patient education platform that allows healthcare professionals to bring their patient session to life through seamless integration of professionally vetted diagrams, brochures and videos on over 1,500 + conditions, anatomical categories and treatment options. All content is print and email enabled to provide to patients at home, increasing their level of understanding, retention and improving their adherence to treatment plans. For more information about iMD Health, please contact or visit