Meditation app tracks heart rate as users zen out

meditation appA new app developed in Canada is putting a modern twist on the ancient practice of meditation.

It’s one of hundreds of mindfulness apps out on the market, but this one aims to set itself apart with a bio feedback component. The Wildflowers Mindfulness app measures your heartrate before and after you do one of its meditation sessions. “Meditation is a century’s old tradition that has been practiced for a long time and it works,” said Pete Wall, the co-founder of Mobio Interactive and one of the app’s creators.

The measurement is taken when the user puts their finger on top of the camera lens. App users can also choose to take a selfie instead before and after their sessions to measure their heartrates. The camera measures your heartbeat by recording subtle changes in your face.

“The camera on your phone looks at how much your blood flows through your skin on your face,” said Wall.

Users then tell the app what mood they’re in, and then they listen to calming statements and soothing nature sounds for about 10 minutes. For those who want even more bio data feedback, users can buy an EEG headset for about $300 that will measure brainwave activity.

If your heart rate goes down after the meditation session, it could mean that you’re more relaxed.

The app has five lessons on mindful meditation, and users work their way through the courses.

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