myWanda app helps women manage heart health

mywandaWanda, a digital health platform, has announced the launch of myWanda, the first and only mobile application specifically aimed at empowering women to improve the health of their hearts. Wanda is expanding its analytics ecosystem with mobile applications to engage individuals earlier in their lives, onboarding them onto the Wanda platform. myWanda will also add considerably to the richness of Wanda’s data and machine-learning engine, enabling the company to advance upcoming product applications and features.

Available in the iTunes App Store, myWanda delivers personalized support for developing heart healthy behaviors. The app encourages women to set specific lifestyle goals known as “Pathways” for exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and hydration. myWanda then delivers daily tips, advice, and inspiration to help women stay on track to achieve these goals, thereby creating measureable improvements to their heart health and overall well-being.

Although heart disease is the number one killer of women in America, approximately 80 percent of cases are preventable through education and lifestyle changes. This is where myWanda comes in – leveraging data science, applied medical research, and proven engagement methodologies to deliver support through a compelling, visually-driven mobile interface.

Wanda has long been dedicated to simplifying and improving the lives of individuals with chronic health conditions, blending predictive analytics and behavioral science to enrich the remote health and patient management experience. Through its research, Wanda identified the importance of proactively addressing the unique needs of women who are at risk of heart disease today. myWanda is the company’s first consumer app, featuring a leading-class personalized communication strategy that makes it easy for women to receive support, education, and guidance.

The launch of myWanda expands Wanda’s mission to proactively interact with people at various phases in the progression of disease – from earliest risk identification and prevention through diagnosis and treatment. Most importantly, Wanda directly addresses the growing demand for science-driven solutions for post-acute and home-centered care.

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