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Toronto MD makes medical & astronautical history

On Jan. 11, astronauts aboard the International Space Station did something that could revolutionize extraterrestrial healthcare: using a desktop-sized 3D printer, they made their own medical supplies, using blueprints downloaded direct from Toronto. 3D4MD, the company behind the historic feat, created the digital files, which can be printed out in three dimensions wherever needed. The…

Blake Adam

Medimap posts clinic wait times online, reduces calls

By Rosie Lombardi

Busy clinics now have an easy administrative solution that can cut calls from patients inquiring about wait times by about 40 percent. Called Medimap, the site was launched in September 2015, and is now being used by over 250 clinics in B.C, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. “Wait times are already updated throughout the day by…

Melanie Morin

Sudbury medical software firm wins innovation award

When Melanie Morin (pictured) had to call down the list for nurses to fill last-minute shifts, she’d reach a “pain point.” Now, Morin is the CEO and president at StaffStat, a Sudbury-based software company that is automating staff scheduling to eliminate that pain point in healthcare facilities. In November, StaffStat gained provincial recognition when they won…


Loblaws medical clinic group invests in Cliniconex

Cliniconex, an Ottawa-based startup launched in 2011, makes software that sends patients detailed reminders of upcoming appointments. It’s a seemingly simple step the company says reduces the number of no-shows dramatically and makes doctor visits more efficient by ensuring patients are better prepared for procedures – for example, by reminding them to bring running shoes…


Hospital shift scheduler makes changes a breeze

By Rosie Lombardi

Doctors who work shifts at their local hospitals need an easy way to make scheduling changes. Most hospitals still use error-prone spreadsheets and require extensive messaging to inform all manner of staff members whenever a change is made. To tackle this, Dr. Rob Horvath (pictured), a Toronto-based ER physician, has developed Medevision, a Web-based system…

No Picture

Brightsquid boosts secure messaging for doctors

By Rosie Lombardi

A Calgary company says it has solved the security issues in healthcare communications, and it’s growing dramatically now that Alberta-based doctors can bill for the time they spend on digital messaging. Started up in 2009, Brightsquid has over 30,000 users on its secure e-mail platform, and it’s adding about 1,500 new users every month. The…


FHT clinics turn to Akira to avoid penalties

By Rosie Lombardi

The Akira digital health service that launched this year in Ontario was born out of a millennial’s frustration with the complete lack of technological convenience in the healthcare system. “The way Canadians interact with their doctors hasn’t really changed in 100 years,” says Akira’s co-founder Dustin Walper (pictured). To tackle this, Akira offers many modern…


PetalMD acquires Workoptics, continues market growth

QUEBEC CITY – PetalMD, Canada’s largest physician network, has announced the acquisition of Workoptics, a scheduling solution used by physicians across Canada. With this acquisition, PetalMD continues to consolidate its position as the Canadian leader in productivity tools for physicians. The fast-growing network now includes over 29,000 Canadian physicians. “We are delighted with this acquisition,”…

Mark Lewis

Secure messaging shaves months off wait times

Chelsea Gould waited a year to get an MRI of her injured back, but getting into the Caleo Clinic took only a few weeks. It wasn’t always that simple. Caleo, which is the only public, integrated spine clinic of its type in southern Alberta, used to suffer under staggering wait times. The clinic decided to invest in…


Smart app simplifies mobile billing for specialists

By Rosie Lombardi

Billings can be a major administrative headache for specialist doctors who rove around different hospitals and clinics to see their patients. Most carry paper billing cards with quick handwritten scribbles to identify the patient, procedure, and other data, and then have to spend hours re-entering it all and processing their billings on their home office…