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Get real: Stop blaming doctors for opioid crisis

By Barry Ulmer

Back in the 1980s, the Washington Post ran an article written by reporter Janet Cooke about an 8-year-old boy who was a third-generation heroin addict. “Jimmy’s World” won a Pulitzer Prize – which the paper ultimately had to return because Cooke had written pure fiction. Something similar is going on today. Anyone reading media reports is…

Dr Kate Granger

Doctor, hello thyself – it’s good for patients

By Dorothy Grant

Dr. Kate Granger’s story is inspiring. I am convinced it needs to be shared with many Canadian doctors who, sadly, often need to be reminded that just saying hello and sharing your name and status with patients is therapeutic. I experienced this first-hand recently when I visited someone in a hospital, and was somewhat concerned when…

Matthew Anderson

Are you ready for recorders in your exam room?

By Matthew Anderson, MD, MBA

During residency, one of my patients brought a tape recorder to his appointment. He was elderly and wanted to record his appointment so he could remember every detail because his children often called him, so he wanted an in-depth report of all of his medical visits. He decided he would audio-record his appointments and send…


Sign the online petition to change healthcare IT

By Suneel Dhand M.D.

One of the topics I write most about, and have also done a considerable amount of consulting work on, is improving and optimizing healthcare information technology. I hate to say this, but after a few years of doing this, I’m starting to despair a little by what I’m seeing. It’s a question I never thought…

Ben Haywood

Patients desperately seeking real world evidence

When most people think of medical evidence, they think of carefully controlled studies in peer-reviewed journals. The “pyramid of evidence” runs from animal studies and editorials through case series and clinical trials, all the way up to systematic meta-analysis. But the pyramid reflects a very black and white view of the world – good quality evidence…

Robert Centor

Things that bug me: Lack of understanding eGFR

By Robert M. Centor, MD

Once upon a time, doctors had to estimate GFR (glomerular filtration rate, which relates to kidney function) from the creatinine using an app or even a calculator. Now almost all labs provide estimated GFR in blood test results, but this is both a positive and a negative. I rarely find a resident (or attending physician) who…

Aled Edwards

Stimulate medical innovation with Open Science

By Aled Edwards

The Canadian government is again in the midst of its annual consultations on innovation. It seems our efforts to find the magic key to an “innovative economy” just never go away. As in years past, opinion leaders will inevitably look to the San Francisco Bay Area or Boston for best practices. They will offer policy…


UofT MDs tell us what needs to change in the system

By Trevor Young

Our medical system is good overall. It works. But we’re at a moment when the possibilities of medicine and society’s expectations of us are sky-high, and we face the challenges of complex chronic disease and an aging population. And despite incredible advances in treatment – or maybe because of them – today’s healthcare can sometimes…


Nanaimo hospital MDs need to partner with iHealth

By David Forrest, MD

Technology is important in almost everything we do, and that includes the world of medicine, but as we have learned in Nanaimo, it is vital the healthcare providers be involved in the development and implementation of that technology. Technological advances over the past several decades have improved the care we provide. But such technological advances…


One device slows down healthcare. Get rid of it.

By Suneel Dhand, M.D.

The mouse is a piece of technology that we’ve all gotten very used to working with over the last couple of decades. With the personal computing revolution of the 1990s, they entered almost every single American household. Go back ten years, and nobody could have imagined any other way to control where you wanted to…