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Medskl boosts online access to medical education

By Rosie Lombardi

Toronto-based Medskl has developed a novel approach to education for medical students and practicing doctors who need CME credits. The company offers free online medical courses showcasing over 200 of the best professors in medicine, along with content developed by its team of animators and developers. “We asked the deans of various medical schools to…


Doctor-author provides tips on getting published

By Rosie Lombardi

Everybody has a book in them, and doctors are no exception. One Galveston-based doctor has managed to produce two novels. By day, Dr. Paul Boor (pictured) is a scientist and professor at Galveston’s medical school, home to the highest-level infectious Bio-Lab. In The Ice Merchants, Boor’s second novel, he explores the history of medical research…


Simulation system helps hone surgical skills

By Rosie Lombardi

Practice makes perfect, but surgical trainees need a method that allows them to practice and learn from their mistakes without compromising patient safety while they develop their skills. To this end, Simulare Medical Corp., a Toronto-based start-up, has developed a novel simulator system that helps reduce surgical errors. “Our first system is a simulator that…

Peter Gacuk

Sheridan offers telemedicine training for staff

By Rosie Lombardi

Telehealth services are growing dramatically across Canada. According to a recent COACH study, there was a 45.7 percent jump in remote clinical sessions and a 41.5 percent increase in endpoint delivery locations, including community and home settings last year. To meet increasing demand for support staff, Toronto’s Sheridan College is offering a continuing education certificate…

Marcus Law

U of T creates big data course for med students

Picture two groups, both eager to work toward a shared goal, but speaking two different languages and with no translators in sight. This has been the challenge for physicians and technology developers, who have been trying to collaborate to improve our healthcare system. To bridge the divide, the University of Toronto has created a course for…

Jeremy Rezmovitz

Proceducate app is mobile textbook for procedures

By Rosie Lombardi

Mobile technology is offering medical learners novel ways to learn medical procedures at their own pace. Proceducate is a free new app that allows learners and teachers to review animated videos showing step-by-step instructions for conducting biopsies, joint injections and other minor medical procedures. “Residents can watch it as many times as they need in…