Electronic Records

Huda Idress

Toronto startup set to create personal health records

The first time Huda Idrees (pictured) became a CEO she was just 12 years old when she started her web design business. Today, she’s an established darling of Canada’s tech-startup community and is set to reprise that leading role at Dot Health, a new Toronto-based startup. The company aims to tackle the global mess of…


Radical new EMR works like Facebook not Excel

By Rosie Lombardi

Millennials are finally starting to re-design the inefficient EMR systems that doctors have endured over the past decade. Vancouver-based InputHealth is taking a radical new approach to collecting and sharing patient information. InputHealth was founded in 2011 by the company’s CEO, Dr. Damon Ramsey (pictured) and CTO Shawn Jung, who were then in their early…


Majority of Canada’s clinicians using electronic health records

Growth in the use of interoperable EHR records by Canadian doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals is fueling benefits for patients and providers, including improved quality of patient care, according to two articles published this year in the peer-reviewed journal BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. “The evidence confirms that use of the interoperable EHR systems…


MEDITECH’s Web EHR platform expands in Canada

While MEDITECH continues to expand its footprint across Canada, a long-term Canadian customer has also decided to upgrade to the company’s newest EHR platform. Located in Ontario, where 58 percent of hospitals are using MEDITECH, Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH) announced they will be implementing MEDITECH’s latest web-based EHR platform in February 2017. A MEDITECH customer for over 25 years, the…


Evident at the heart of an Alabama hospital

By Rosie Lombardi

Cullman Regional, a 115-bed medical center in North Alabama, has been a steadfast user of Evident’s Thrive EHR for more than a decade. The Thrive system was implemented back in 2004, when Cullman broke away from a larger hospital network and needed a local EHR system of its own. Thrive’s performance has been strong over…


Be part of Canada’s largest EMR conference

The EMR: Every Step Conference is an interactive day to learn about what’s new in certified Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), participate in EMR vendor training, network with your peers and visit the vendor showcase. It is being held September 22, 2016 at the International Conference Centre, Toronto. The conference leverages the EMR experiences and expertise…

Heather Shantora

InnoCare offers EMR plus modular business services

By Rosie Lombardi

InnoCare Healthcare was recently launched in Canada to offer a novel combination of EMR software and administrative services to rehabilitation and medical clinics. The Hamilton-based company is a spin-off from PT Health, one of the largest national rehabilitation companies in Canada, which spent years perfecting its EMR software and business model. “Innocare is actually EMR…

Dr Michael Fleming

Fax use continues in Nova Scotia despite EMR push

The province of Nova Scotia has spent tens of millions of dollars encouraging physicians to use electronic medical record (EMR) systems, but some doctors must still resort to fax machines because the government-approved systems don’t talk to each other. The practice of faxing sensitive records came to a head recently when Bedford spa owner Lisa…

Dr Hisham Badawi

Canadian doctor launches 3D medical record system

By Rosie Lombardi

A Calgary-based orthodontist has developed a game-changing 3D medical documentation software system that may have far-reaching impact in other medical fields. Most EMR systems are still text-based and have yet to incorporate advanced imaging technology, says Dr. Hisham Badawi (pictured), founder of Oral4D Systems. Instead, his software uses a generic 3D model of a patient’s…

Kaveh Safavi

Patients & doctors at odds over access to EMR

A new survey by Accenture has found that the divide between U.S. doctors and consumers who believe patients should have full access to their electronic records has widened from two years ago. The findings show that the number of consumers who believe they should have full access to their records has increased over the past two years: from 84…