Dr Vahid Sahih

MD works to integrate wearables in medical practice

By Rosie Lombardi

Futurists believe wearable technology should be incorporated into medical practice, and some doctors are taking up the challenge. Dr. Vahid Sahiholnasab (pictured), a Vancouver-based internist and clinical instructor at UBC, encourages patients to use electronic fitness trackers. Gadgets like Fitbit and Apple Watch are introducing a universal standard for measuring exercise, which removes a lot…

Peter Singer

Six Canadian innovations receive scale-up funding

Six Canadian innovations showing evidence of early promise for improving global health will “transition-to-scale” thanks to new support from Grand Challenges Canada, funded by the Government of Canada. Projects in Vancouver, Waterloo, Hamilton, Ottawa, Kingston, and Montreal will receive next-step scale-up funding. The new investments, matched by a wide range of partners, will enable the…

Stewart Cameron

MyHealthNS app will revolutionize healthcare

MyHealthNS is a fully integrated online tool that connects patients with their doctors and other healthcare providers and allows them to access routine test results, medical histories, ask their family doctor questions and book appointments through a secure portal. It’s the first of its kind in Canada. “I practiced in Nova Scotia for approximately 27…

Dr Vahid Sahih

Wearable medical technology on the rise in Canada

When patients visit Dr. Vahid Sahiholnasab (pictured) for a routine check-up, he often asks to review their electronic fitness trackers. He is learning that integrating new gizmos into health regimens can be a steeper climb than convincing people to walk 10,000 steps each day. “It’s strange territory,” said Sahiholnasab, who is also a clinical instructor…

Dr Adnan Sheikh

Ottawa’s 3D printer is revolutionizing medicine

The Ottawa Hospital is using a special 3D printer to churn out replacement body parts and research prototypes. The plastic body parts look like they belong in a university classroom – a heart, a pelvic bone, a prosthetic arm. But the Ottawa Hospital is using a special 3D printer to churn out replacement body parts…

Lindee David

Joule creates push for solutions developed by MDs

By Rosie Lombardi

The CMA recently launched Joule, a for-profit organization dedicated to providing doctors with the network, tools and funding needed to develop healthcare solutions and bring them to market. There are incubators galore across Canada to help doctors seed their business ideas, but very few organizations exist to help these seedlings grow and move on to…

Judy Foote

RCMP tests skin cancer screening app funded by gov’t

The Honourable Judy M. Foote (pictured), Minister of Public Services and Procurement, has announced that the Government of Canada is investing in a made-in-Canada innovation that uses smartphones to help detect skin cancer. MetaOptima Technology Inc. of British Columbia received a $169,038 contract for its DermEngine device, which will be used voluntarily by Royal Canadian…

Lindee David

CMA launches Joule to drive physician-led innovation

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) recently launched Joule, an entrepreneurial company that will help CMA members shape healthcare innovation in Canada. Joule is the only organization in Canada designed to drive physician-led innovation and deliver physician-based solutions. The Joule mission to make it easier for physicians to be at their best will mean working closely with…

Sana Halwani

Groundbreaking settlement reached over gene patent

A recent settlement reached in Federal Court means the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and all public hospitals in Canada can license a genetic test for a potentially deadly heart rhythm condition on a not-for-profit basis. CHEO’s lawyers struck a deal with the American owners of gene patents that ensures Canadian public sector hospitals…

Kyle Battiston

Game-changer for medical device development

By Rosie Lombardi

Doctors everywhere have to battle the body with anti-inflammatory drugs when medical devices – metal hips, pacemakers, and so on – are implanted. But what if implants were made with materials that didn’t rouse the body’s immune system to attack? Dr. Kyle Battiston (pictured), a biomaterials engineer based at the University of Toronto, has developed…