A grass-roots e-referral system grows in Toronto

By Rosie Lombardi

A Toronto-based start-up is taking a novel approach to building an e-referral networking system. Founded by a trio of young doctors who pooled their own resources to establish the business, ConsultLoop is using a grass-roots approach to attract users. Instead of focusing on hospitals and big medical institutions, the company is focused on doctors in…


New eReferral platform to be built in Waterloo

The eHealth Centre of Excellence, in collaboration with the Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre (WWCCAC) and the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network (WWLHIN), has announced that they have selected an Ontario-based consortium of Think Research, CognisantMD, and the Centre for Effective Practice (CEP) to lead the design and deployment of a ground-breaking electronic referral (eReferral) platform for the Waterloo Wellington community. As part of…

Susan Antosh

Saskatchewan aims to bring medical record access online

A new pilot project created by eHealth Saskatchewan will soon allow some patients to access their medical records online. The Citizen Health Information Portal will give people signed up for the project access to personal lab results, immunization history and hospital visits. Susan Antosh (pictured), CEO of eHealth Saskatchewan, said it’s about increasing access and…


Alberta EHR will connect ER with family doctors

An electronic health record that connects emergency room physicians with family doctors and Netcare’s lab results will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but is “critical” to the health of Albertans, the deputy health minister says. Carl Amrhein (pictured) said his department is working with Alberta Health Services on a proposal to roll out a single health information…

Doug Kavanagh

Novel connectivity solution takes root in Ontario

By Rosie Lombardi

CognisantMD Inc., a Toronto startup founded by a family doctor and software engineer, is offering a fresh approach to solving connectivity issues. In 2013, the company launched Ocean, a patient engagement platform that allows patients to remotely complete medical questionnaires, histories, and other forms at home, in the waiting room, or on the fly, which…

Darren Cargill

EHR access system rolled out in Southwest Ontario

The provincial promise of a comprehensive electronic health record for patients in Windsor and nearby regions has taken a step closer to reality, thanks to a program funded by eHealth Ontario called connecting South West Ontario (cSWO). More than 37,000 doctors and other healthcare professionals from Windsor to Hamilton now have access to patient records…

Samir Sinha

Mount Sinai’s senior strategy saves hospital millions

By Rosie Lombardi

Older adults currently account for almost 60 percent of hospital days even though they only represent about 15 percent of the population. But most hospitals were designed in previous eras to care for younger populations. To revamp its approach, Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital created a new strategy in 2010 to make improvements in senior care…

Ocean Platform

EMR-integrated e-referrals launched in Waterloo

Cambridge Memorial Hospital and CognisantMD have announced the availability of a real-time eReferral system for diagnostic imaging in the Waterloo region. Using the Ocean Platform, family physicians can now order MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds, X-rays, mammography, BMD and Nuclear Medicine tests directly from their electronic medical record (EMR) systems without the need for redundant patient entry or an…