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Sarah Jones

Nova Scotia to beef up opioid tracking with tech

Changes are coming to strengthen Nova Scotia’s prescription monitoring program in the wake of an alleged opioid pill trafficking scheme by Dr. Sarah Jones (pictured). The province’s Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) repeatedly flagged issues with Jones as far back as six years ago, but she was only criminally charged this year by police, alleging that the 35-year-old trafficked 50,000 OxyNEO and…

Stu Sjouwerman

Hackers blackmail Hollywood hospital with ransomware

It sounds like the plot of a bad episode of CSI: hackers shutting down a hospital’s computer network, locking down its ability to treat patients until a ransom is paid. It happened recently in California, when the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was infiltrated by malware that locked access to its networks. The hospital paid a ransom of…

Real Cloutier

Winnipeg authority embarrassed by two breaches

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has apologized for two instances, in the space of a week, of confidential medical files stolen from a healthcare worker’s vehicle. In one case, a bag containing the care sheets of 25 people was stolen from the vehicle of a homecare employee on Jan. 17 in the downtown-Point Douglas area….