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Amrik Virk

Unique HealthTech accelerator launched in B.C.

British Columbia’s first of its kind HealthTech accelerator, focused exclusively on the commercialization of medical technology was announced recently in Surrey’s HealthTech district, a collaborative cluster of health technology companies, academic research labs, and health practitioners. “As an important goal of the #BCTECH Strategy, we’re creating conditions to support and enable the province’s more than 300 biopharmaceutical…

Marilyn Sinclair

Ont. government invests $1.32 million in 30 startups

A new incubation program, BURST, will provide 30 innovative technology entrepreneurs in southwestern Ontario with the skills they need to succeed now and in the future. Kate Young, MP for London West, and Peter Fragiskatos, MP for London North Centre, announced that FedDev Ontario is providing TechAlliance of Southwestern Ontario with up to $1.32 million to deliver the new program. Through…


Opportunities in cannabinoids for biotechs

By Rosie Lombardi

New opportunities for entrepreneurial biotech firms are coming as Canada loosens its laws around the medical use of marijuana – but it will take some time before it gains acceptance in the medical community. One way to jumpstart the process in advance of legalization is to use FDA-approved bio-synthetic THC to develop new drug therapies,…


Using Big Data to understand & treat diseases

The University of Toronto has announced a massive project to sequence the whole genomes of 10,000 people per year, using Big Data to better understand complex diseases and create the next generation of precision therapies. The combination of access to new genome sequencing facilities and computing power promise to drive transformational medical research at U of T,…

Garth Webb

Top scientific and medical breakthroughs of 2015

Humanity took several significant leaps forward in the world of science this year, making huge strides in genetics and medicine. Breakthroughs include home-brewed painkillers, precision gene-editing tools that can cut-and-paste DNA, a Canadian-made Ebola vaccine and bionic eye implants that could eliminate the need for glasses. Here’s a look at some of the most significant…