World’s first antiviral condom enters Canadian market

virus killing condomsAnsell, a global leader in protection solutions and the makers of LifeStyles and SKYN Condoms have announced the Canada launch of LifeStyles Dual Protect. The first condom of its kind, Dual Protect features patented VivaGel lubricant, developed by Starpharma. VivaGel, an innovative antiviral agent, has been proven in laboratory studies to inactivate HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), HSV (herpes simplex virus) and HPV (human papillomavirus). According to Canada’s Public Health Agency, STI rates have been rising steadily since the late 1990’s, further exemplifying the need for a product of this kind.

VivaGel (SPL7013, or astodrimer sodium) is antiviral and has been proven in laboratory studies to inactivate up to 99.9% of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), HSV (herpes simplex virus) and HPV (human papillomavirus), which are viruses that cause STIs. LifeStyles Dual Protect is the only condom of its type, providing barrier protection and incorporating the proprietary antiviral VivaGel in the condom lubricant.

Having been granted a medical device license for the VivaGel condom after an intensive approval process by the Canadian regulatory authority, Health Canada, LifeStyles Dual Protect will become available for the first time in Canada via Initially launched in Australia, regulatory reviews continue in a number of geographic regions, with further approvals anticipated for this innovative technology in the coming months.

LifeStyles Dual Protect 10-count packs are available for purchase on All LifeStyles Condoms are triple tested to meet the highest reliability standards. LifeStyles Condoms are available online in addition to a wide range of big box retailers, drugstores, grocery and convenience stores across North America.

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